Your Car Upholstery Choices Are Between Vinyl And Leather Seat Covers

A study shows that Americans nearly spend several hours a week in their vehicle. What often is wondered is how they choose a comfortable seat cover in their car buying process. Cloth seating may be a popular choice among motorists, however, there are those who vinyl or leather seat covers for their vehicle. The choice will actually depend on their preference and budget.

Vinyl Seat Covers

Comparing cloth and leather, vinyl is relatively a new car upholstery material. It was in WWII when plastic technology was greatly improved, where vinyl seat covers were derived.

In the 1950s, vinyl became a leading material in the car upholstery business. Since then, it improved the quality of vinyl and even looked and felt like leather, which make it hard to distinguish between the two.

Vinyl has many benefitslike making it 25% cheaper and coming with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Vinyl fabric is also easy to clean, thus keeping its color and structure.

Vinyl isn’t right for you if you don’t like hot and sticky seat covers in summer. They can also crack with extreme temperature and severe sunlight. In time, vinyl will feel more like plastic to touch.

Leather Car Seats

If you are willing to spend more money for leather seat covers, you’re in for several benefits over vinyl.Leather is also more durable than vinyl. The seat covers come with a unique, pleasant smell. It’s a more poriferous material and provides cooler seats in summer. Your damp skin will not stick to it unlike vinyl.

Leather car seat covers are more insusceptible to mishaps and are not flammable. With proper care, they can survive more than their vinyl counterparts.

Also, cleaning leather seats are much more difficult that vinyl. If immersed, the wetness can go through the foam cushion.

Leather car seat covers are also luxury items, and they cost more than how vinyl are priced.

So which to choose?

If you choose leather seat covers, you have invested in the best upholstery over vinyl. It should improve the value of your car whether it’s old or new. You also improve the car interiors especially if it’s an older model.

For vinyl seat covers, there aren’t much effects. It may be easier to clean and can come with a variety of colors, but the totality is having plastic seat covers for your car.