Why Sub floor Ventilation Is Critical When Remodelling The Basement

When planning the basement project, do not overlook the importance of sub floor ventilation to ensure longevity, comfort and efficiency. Basement remodelling is not the same as the other rooms in the home; it is more complicated because of moist control and energy efficiency.

Many homeowners maximize their living space by turning the basement into a game room, bedroom or music room. Usually, they hire a contractor for the project to make sure that it is done right. When it is time to sell the home, potential buyers will usually look at the quality of the finishing. Even if you spend more on basement remodelling, you can easily recoup more than half of the investment.

In order to overcome several challenges in basement remodelling, it is important to manage in the early stages the issues of moisture control and energy efficiency. If you fail to address these challenges, you will be compromising the longevity and ROI of your basement project. You can end up disappointed with the results and your money, time and efforts will only be wasted.

Finishing the basement requires special attention because the space is below grade meaning that the concrete slab floor sits directly on top of the cool subterranean soil. This situation results into the slabs getting colder by several degrees. During summer, this is not an issue but when winter comes, the HVAC has to work harder to keep the basement warm. The end result will be a basement that requires more energy to keep you comfortable.

Another issue is mould infestation. When the cold concrete slab meets the comparatively warm indoor air, condensation occurs and makes the basement vulnerable to mould infestation. A subfloor will ensure that the basement is comfortable and dry. The combination of an oriented strand board, foam insulation and moisture-resistant film will create a thermal break between the slab and living space and allow moisture to evaporate away.

Professionals can provide sub floor ventilation in Sydney to ensure that your basement is allowed to breathe. The installation of sub floor can be a complicated and challenging process which must only be undertaken by professionals. With a sub floor, you avoid dampness and build-up of moisture which causes mould infestation in your property.