Why People Will Want To Visit Thailand In 2017

Tourism is a big industry in the world. It generates more than $7 trillion per year in receipts and employs 1 in 11 citizens in the world. This equates to fiercer competition in terms of international travelers.

Thailand as a top tourist destination

A top league player is Thailand. It has been a favourite for students and budget travelers due to a number of reasons, such as the good weather, warm and welcoming people, white sand beaches, exotic temples, etc. For the first time, Thailand is going to surpass the 30 million mark for arrivals, which will include it in the world’s top 10.

The numbers result from a growth of its markets, according to what officials told Forbes during an interview last month in Cannes’ International Luxury Travel Mart.

The Chinese tourists are up at 30%. The Russian travelers have already come back, and Americans increased at 12%. Thailand will tap to Brazil and Eastern Canada by launching new tourism promotion offices in Sao Paolo and Toronto.

Thailand’s plan in the future

Today, Thailand wants to benefit from the increase in world wealth, specifically the Ultra High Net Worth market that is projected to double in the next 10 years, and the stream of rich travelers that want to explore new places.

According to Daniel Ziriakus, Northrop & Johnson’s COO, their customers constantly look for different destinations that will provide that unparalleled yachting experience and Thailand is currently on the radar, which can become an important player in this super-yacht market.

He is not alone in taking notice. It is already rumoured that a top restaurant rating service is going to add Thailand in its list, with this indicating that Thailand offers both a diverse cuisine and fine dining.

Director of ILTM Alison Gilmore said that she always regarded Thailand as a luxury destination. She added that the country has great spas and hotels. For her, she finds it positive that the country is working hard to promote its services.


Thailand has already become a haven for luxury especially that there are numerous five-star resorts, hotels and spas. Any hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok or in the country’s CBD is surely going to offer more value.