Why Cremation Is Becoming A Better Option For Grieving Families

Cremation rates are on the rise in Pennsylvania as well as other states. In 2015, cremation rate in Pennsylvania was 44.5% and it is expected to reach 51% by 2020. The figures mentioned are the results of a study conducted by National Funeral Directors Association.

One of the reasons why cremation is becoming a preference is the economy. Many families are financially challenged and the younger generation is prepared to choose alternative ways of arrangements for themselves.

According to data compiled by Reference Department at Pottsville Free Public Library, Schuylkill County is one of those traditional places that use funeral services with caskets and burial arrangements. There are more than 230 cemeteries in Schuylkill with 44 licensed funeral establishments. The funeral establishments are facing the challenge to keep up with changing times.

For a small family-owned funeral home, survival is more difficult because profit margins are considerably less with the cost of business going higher. Years ago, a funeral home offers a traditional funeral package that includes a casket and burial vault. Nowadays, the funeral home must provide the alternative of an urn at a fraction of the cost of the casket and burial vault.

At Route 61 in New Castle Township, motorists pass billboards advertising cremation solutions. It is also expected that access to funeral services will soon be 100% online. What families are looking for is a more affordable alternative at time of death which can be readily addressed by cremation solutions.

In the process of cremation, extreme heat usually 1,800 to 2,000 degrees is used for two hours. However, cremation is not the final disposition unlike burial. The cremated remains have to be placed in an urn and kept in a more convenient repository. Many people are choosing to remember their loved ones in a unique way without cemetery costs involved.

In Australia, Funeral Directors in Sydney are prepared to address the needs of a grieving family. Making funeral arrangements can be particularly daunting when you are saddened by a loss but the funeral service offers a broad range of options for every given situation. The funeral director will ensure that funeral arrangements are made as smooth and comfortable as possible.