Where To Place Your Star Wars Art

The decors and photos that you display on your wall say so much about you and your personality. The images and paintings you hang on your office will also convey messages to your customers and it will give them an idea what you value more as a business enterprise. There are those who hang their favorite painting or images that they personally captured while there are those who print their favorite movie characters such as those in Star Wars and have them as Star Wars art. There are numerous digital printing shops but for a long lasting product, have the project printed in canvas instead of ordinary photo paper. When you have those digitally printed canvas arts, it’s time to look for the perfect areas where you can hang them.

Living room

You can have a Star Wars art as the centerpiece in your guest or living room at home. Aside from movie characters, you can also place your photo masterpiece or even word art that you think will draw inspiration to you and your guests. Star Wars and other action flicks can be placed at your children’s room or in their game room. If you do not have a photo in mind, you can pick any of the stock photos available at the canvas printer’s website. Choose the size and apply it on the image and have it printed in canvas to capture everyone who enters your home. The wall décor should not dominate your entire wall as it could overwhelm the onlooker.

Reception hall

For your business establishment, the Star Wars art may not be too suitable unless your line of business is with the entertainment or children-related sectors. Hang more serious and artsy images if you are into real estate, construction, insurance and other service-related businesses. Choose a photo that conveys professionalism, integrity and other positive attributes to encourage more customers. You can also utilize an inspiring quote and create a personalized word art for your wall. We have several designs in our website for you to draw inspiration from.


The kitchen area is also an ideal area to hang your canvas arts such as Star Wars art. Canvas arts can be placed in areas prone to heat and moisture and its quality will not be affected.