Understanding The Dangers Of Tree Removal Or Cutting

Tree regulations are placed not just to protect the trees but also to protect the people. Tree removal is considered as a dangerous task that is why they are best left to the professionals. Tree professionals would remove numerous trees and stumps but due to the danger connected with the task, they would have to take extra safety measures in order to protect themselves against injury or harm. But even with the necessary safety gear tree professionals are still not safe for in this field of work, even when you feel you’re safe, you aren’t. In the US alone, about 60 deaths were recorded due to tree maintenance related injuries while 120 deaths were recorded in the forestry and logging services.

If you are wondering why tree maintenance is a dangerous job, the first thing you should think about is the tools being used by these professionals. Chainsaws, hacksaws, wood chippers and other power tools are deemed dangerous. Just a slight miscalculation or a simple distraction can cause serious harm to your hands, legs or arms. Tree professionals use these tools every single day of their work. That is why an untrained individual should not handle such instruments.

Next, the danger is with the tree itself. If you attempt to remove a tree, you will be exposed to a lot of life-threatening risks. Without the proper equipment, the tree might end up falling on your house, or on other people present. When your limbs are weak, they will provide faulty support when the tree falls. When the tree is close to an electrical line, you run the risk of getting electrocuted.

When there is an infestation of insects or snakes, or even poisonous plants, your visit to the tree might lead you towards the hospital. This is the reason why proper clothing, gloves and equipment are required for tree professionals.

Another danger associated with trees is that when they are decaying, they become unstable and climbing them would become very dangerous. Limbs and large branches can also fall on the wrong places, or on people.

These are the dangers that arborists, tree surgeons and other tree professionals go through every day that is why it is important for these professionals to be well-trained and adept in their craft and why it is important for you to find such capable professionals like those from Ark Fencing and Tree Work.