Two Houses In Florida Literally Topped With Infinity Pools

If you’re one of the high-rollers of the society, then you might be thinking of getting a new house or vacation house that may give you a relaxing experience along with a gorgeous scenery to top it. What more could spell a scenery to behold other than infinity pools, right? If you’re looking for a house with infinity pools in them, then two will be available at South Florida and they are undoubtedly gorgeous and irresistible which is said to tick at $35 Million.

Just north from Miami, you’ll come with a fantastic view of the penthouses equipped with infinity pools that will offer you a panoramic scene of the vast ocean and horizon. On the other hand, the luxurious condo tower is still under completion and is expected to be officially on the roll by 2018. Even with this, the marketing has already entered its initial stage.

The two penthouses will honor the top of the list of the Ocean Club of Turnberry. Both of the houses will have the following features:

• Six Spacious and Amazing Bedrooms
• 9.5 Baths
• Three Kitchens
• A wine room to give you a luxurious time any part of the day.
• A Master suite that consists of a gym.

The Penthouses comes in three floors with ceilings and balconies that reach 20 Feet. There’s also a unique ‘summer’ kitchen to boot up with the ‘main’ kitchen which is placed at the rooftop, perfect for parties and events along the side of your infinity pool. The final kitchen is in a party room if you’re up to organize a more formal event that you couldn’t launch by your pool.

These three-story beauties also possess elevators that will allow easy travel through all the floors. Its ‘full-glass’ feature make it a delightful and memorable experience while seeing a grand scenery outside as you travel up your breathtaking house.

On the other hand, the condo tower that holds the penthouses also possesses luxurious features to behold, along with amenities that will only spell great experiences for those who visits and stays at it. They will also be able to enjoy nearby Country Club and Resorts that are only minutes away from the residence.