Trinibago Duke Asks Finance Department For Backpay Info

Foreign travellers heading for Trinibago (Trinidad and Tobago) are no doubt searching for a place to stay in either one of the alluring Caribbean islands, maybe in sites like, looking for key information regarding their destination.

Well, someone else is looking for key information regarding Trinibago, only this time, they’re looking for information on worker’s arrears, and it seems like it isn’t as easy as finding an apartment.

The Public Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (PSA), a Mr. Watson Duke, has inquired via letter to the Finance Minister of the region, asking for details regarding the government employees and public servants due their arrears (money owed that should have been paid earlier). The inquiry asks for details regarding the arrears of January 1,2011 up to December 31,2013.

According to Mr. Duke, the Dr. Keith Rowler, the PM, stated his commitment to solving the issue regarding the arrears, but failed to give out any important details regarding the issue or its solution. He states this is problematic, seeing as it’s the PSA’s responsibility to sort out such matters. He added that he is hoping that the Prime Minister will respond by mid-month, hopefully no later than March 15.

Mr. Duke spoke to the media last Tuesday, stating that the PSA has already figured out which workers were due for payment. He stated that approximately 15,000 workers in all five of the regional health departments were owed arrears equating to about 50%, whilst workers for the departments listed below are owed full arrears.

  • Agricultural Development Bank (ADB),
  • Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority and Betting Levy Board

He has also added that employees from the following offices have not yet received any of their allowances:

  • Tobago Bureau of Standards, and
  • Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association

He then added that the Prime Minister approximated that the total amount of all of these payments would equate to about $100 M, but Duke has expressed his belief that it was an erroneous approximation, stating that it would amount to about $500 M. He added that Minister Rowley also stated that it was not the issue was not their fault, but the accounting unit’s.

For those seeking out a place to stay; searching through sites like, or for anyone, anywhere, it may be wise to be polite to government employees, they are, of course, public servants.