Treadmill Accidents Are Possible, But Injuries Are Often Rare

Treadmills are often the most used cardio machine today but with the recent accident and death of David Goldberg had caused quite a scare to some people who use treadmills on a daily basis. But it might be good to let everyone know that treadmill deaths are very rare. There are people who workout everyday and treadmills are often the preferred method. In fact, they even turn to the treadmill reviewers for expert opinion on the best treadmills. People do not need to worry about dying when using treadmills because they seldom happen.

From 2003 to 2012, there are only about 30 reported incidents regarding a person dying due to a treadmill accident that has been reported. In fact, the United States Consumer Safety Commission says that incidents like this average only about three times a year which is far fewer than reported deaths from lightning strikes.
Dr. Charles Lawrence from the Interfaith Medical Center says that incidents such as this are very rare and that it is due to a horrible accident and not because treadmill accidents are a commonality.

Unfortunately, in contrast to treadmill deaths, treadmill injuries are much more common. Last year, about 24, 400 cases of treadmill injuries were reported by emergency departments nationwide. If you were to consider every incident cause by exercise equipments as a whole, then there will be about 62, 700 incidents reported.

According to doctors of emergency and sports medicine, if you were to think about falls from machines particularly, then injuries are uncommon. Most injuries are often caused by overuse of the machine and not because a person had fell.
Dr. Joseph E. Herrera of Mount Sinai Hospital says that he has encountered incidents like these before but that it is a very rare occurrence. He also said that if they do happen, then the consequences can be quite severe.

He considers treadmills as the riskiest of all the workout machines but that there are some certain strategies that people can use to avoid injuries such as being familiar with all the basic functions of a treadmill before engaging it which is especially important for first time users.