Tips In Choosing Beachfront Villa Koh Samui

If you are fond of the movie, the Beach starred by Leo DiCaprio, you must be familiar with Koh Samui as it was mentioned in the movie a few times. Thailand in itself is known in the entire world for its stunning beaches and mesmerizing islands. If you want to experience the beach life, Thailand style, look for a beachfront villa Koh Samui.

If you search through the internet, you will find so many hotels and villas in Koh Samui. All of these hotels display encouraging photos in their gallery and almost all of them offer hot deals. So how will you determine the right hotel for you? Here are some tips:

Read reviews

Search for potential hotels and villas in your target destination such as Koh Samui then shorten your list to up to five hotels and villas. The next step would be to check on customer reviews and ratings to find out what other customers have to say about the beachfront villa Koh Samui. There are several third party websites that host discussions and forums related to services and facilities provided by hotels in Koh Samui and Thailand. Some reviews can also be found in the hotel’s website.

Choose an awarded hotel

Another determinant of excellence is awards given by prestigious award-giving bodies in the industry. One of the most sought-after awards is the Certificate of Excellence given by TripAdvisor. The award is given to top-performing 10% of businesses listed on TripAdvisor. The recognition is based on consistent high ratings given by customers for the hotel’s hospitality excellence. Apart from TripAdvisor, check for other accolades given to the hotel.

Ask around

Word travels fast around. If you have friends who recently visited Thailand and booked in a beachfront villa in Koh Samui, ask for feedback and recommendations. Your friends are excellent sources of first-hand information and you can be sure that the feedback given to you is accurate and unadulterated. Unbiased feedbacks are important when you need to decide on purchases and services because it involves money. Research and ask around to book at the right villa in Koh Samui.