The Women In The World Of Sport Sailing

Last year was the Olympic held in Rio de Janeiro and medals are seen to be rolling in but the best is yet to come. The girls from the local, Martine Grael together with Kahena Kunze are bringing in gold for their country which was the host.

Grael is known to have an astonishing career under the tutelage of her father, Torben, who is also a legend in sailing and he was able to grab the Olympic championship twice.

One will be able to tell that the girl holds something special. Martine is reaching far and beyond as well and she was determined to win during that time in Rio. What can we expect next from her?

After winning the gold in the last Olympic, she was sucked into a dozens of parties and celebrations, she was invited to a number of television interviews as well as photo shoots left and right. This chaos only last for a while.

A few days after the last Olympic, an interview was given by Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark, gold medalists representing Britain. They were asked about their plan in the future since they have already reached the pinnacle of sailing as their sport. The pair was not sure of what is in store for them.

This is quite different from the males who won because they are already busy with another endeavor, the America’s Cup.

Giles Scott went back to the England where he will be going back to the Land Rover BAR team assembled by Ben Ainslie.

Pete Burling together with his partner Blair Tuke are already settled with the Emirates Team New Zealand. The big question is where are the women now?

During the Vendee Globe, one thing is very obvious, there are no women included in the round-the-globe race. Ever since 1992, no woman has dared compete for this endeavor. During the Olympic competition, many women can be seen gathering medals but after that, they are no longer seen in the sailing scene. This is to hoping that many more opportunities will open up for them even after the Olympic hype has died down.

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