The Environment and Paper Bags

The world today is not the same as it was centuries ago. Man has in some ways abused the planet. For this reason, Mother Nature has also lashed back and brought numerous calamities which claimed the lives of thousands of the human populace. Because of the catastrophes experienced, man has also been repentant and is seeking to appease Mother Nature. There are now several environmental groups formed that promises to protect Earth and preserve its beauty. One way devised by man in order to protect the environment is by recycling and reusing product, especially paper products.

Here are some facts that will educate you as to the efforts made by mankind to help sustain and preserve the environment.

  • Last year, the US wood and forests products stored and captured approximately 13 percent of the carbon dioxide that is emitted by the total fossil fuel consumption in the US.
  • Approximately two thirds of the power that is used when making paper comes from renewable and carbon-neutral sources.

Here are some facts regarding recyclable materials:

  • The recovery rate for the paper bags is fairly four times greater compared to plastic bags.
  • The recovery rate for paper bag and sacks is 49.5 percent which keeps them out of the landfills and then extends the fiber supply. This is according to EPA.
  • Every ton of paper which is recovered for recycling will save about 3.3 cubic yards of the space in a landfill.
  • Last year, about 96 percent of the population in the US had access to paperboard and paper community recycling programs.
  • Last year, about 65 percent of the paper used in the US was recycled.

The paper bags are compostable. They are ideal as container in holding compostable waste. Evidence in its capability to be compostable is its widespread use throughout the US in leaf mulching programs across municipalities. When you recycle Paper Mart paper bags you definitely have contributed in helping your planet survive for the next years to come. It is also a way of preventing natural disasters from striking worse.