The Different Forms Of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a method of advertising used by companies in conveying their products and services to potential clients. This marketing strategy uses marketing media which is digitally displayed. The digital advertising tool exists on smart phones; on the internet and other hand held gadgets and media as well as on billboards. A lot of companies are now enlisting the services of companies engaged in digital advertising in maintaining or building their brand image and in marketing their services and products to customers. Digital Monopoly is one of the myriad of companies engaged in this kind of business. This particular company is spearheaded by Oliver Wood Perth which is based in Australia.

Electronic Billboard

Today, digital versions of traditional advertisements posted in billboards are now gaining increasing popularity. These are called electronic billboards. These electronic billboards display different digital advertising messages. They are patronized by a lot of companies since they provide the publishers of ads with the opportunity to alter their advertising messages throughout the day. This technique of reaching out the public is also deemed as cost effective since several product advertisers share the expenses. The advertisements in electronic billboard are rotated. They are likewise flexible in that new advertising messages and designs can be readily changed with the day.

Web based marketing

Another form of digital advertising is marketing through the internet. This form of advertising is targeting mainly the website users online. You will notice that there are certain pop-up advertisements in windows when you open a particular website. The window will display an advertisement for a particular service or product which is somewhat related to the original website. Video advertisements are also greatly used in web based advertisement which plays brief commercials before the anticipated video loads or during a certain break in the video or when the video ends.

Viral marketing

Another method in which businesses advertises their brand is through viral marketing campaigns. In this marketing form, advertising messages are being spread digitally with the use of emails and other media online. This form of advertising products encourages the existing clients to tell others about the services of the company.