The Dangers Of Key less Ignition Systems

One of the car components available through Auto Parts Canada is the ignition system. The system is made of different parts that are involved in the process of producing an electric spark that will ignite the fuel/air mixture in the internal combustion chamber. Difficulty in starting a vehicle may be due to ignition switch failure. You do not have to buy a new system because ignition switch replacement is available in the aftermarket.

Some car drivers do not remember the last time that they used a key to unlock the car because they are using keyless entry. Drivers don’t use the key either to start the car because of the fob that they can use to press the button on the dash or center console. Others use Smartphone apps with functions that include remote starting.

Push button starters are not actually new innovations because they have been predominant after the Second World War before being replaced by the all-in-one systems that require a twist of the ignition key to operate the starter motor. New innovations include the steering column interlocks and microchip-embedded keys to prevent the car from being stolen.

Keyless ignitions have been readily embraced by drivers with no apparent trouble. However, it is not problem-free because carelessness in the use of the push button ignition system can lead to injury or death. According to Sean Kane, founder and president of Safety Research and Strategies, Inc, 25 deaths were recorded because of carbon monoxide poisoning after motor vehicles using keyless ignition were left running in an enclosed space.

Safety watchdogs have also warned drivers not to push the button to stop the engine when putting the car to park but allow the vehicle to roll away. Many Volkswagen and Audi vehicles using keyless ignition shut down after a period of time when the car is put to park because the sensors have detected that the driver has left the vehicle.

The evolution of ignition systems have provided drivers with benefits but the conventional system where you turn a key to crank your vehicle is still available in the aftermarket. The point type and transistor systems can be purchased through Auto Parts Canada for standard engines.