Thailand’s Version Of Iron Chef To Draw Attention To Gastronomy Tourism

Although millions of visitors arrive in Thailand every year, tourism authorities are aware of global competitiveness in the tourism market. At present, Thailand is focusing on food tourism and has utilized the popularity of local food to attract more tourists to its shores. Aside from the top restaurants in Bangkok that serve a mix of local and international cuisine, Thailand also boasts of its outstanding street food.

Tourism Authority of Thailand is seriously undertaking all the necessary steps to promote gastronomy tourism. You are certainly familiar with Iron Chef, a American cooking show that has been adapted in different countries. Thailand has its own version of Iron Chef in the person of Thanarak Chuto or Chef Pom.

Innovative dishes were created by Chef Pom using local ingredients that are indigenous to UdonThani as part of the pioneering UdonThani Chef’s Table: Isan Modern Twist Cuisine gastronomy tourism event last November 25 to 26. Chef Pom who has a reputation for adding his passionate flair to every dish he creates has personally interpreted some of the traditional Isan dishes.

Chef Pom added an exciting and modern twist to some of Thailand’s most popular regional cuisines. The ingredients that included Ban Dung Rock Salt Golden Seabass and lotus stems are guaranteed to excite the palate of visitors. The Golden Seabass is bred near the salt farms of the Ban Dung district while the lotus stems are harvested by hand from the Red Lotus Lake in the Kumphawapi District.

Through Chef Pom, Thailand’s gastronomy tourism is able to harness the natural synergy of two popular global brands: the reality television sensation Iron Chef and Thailand’s very own and internationally known Isan cuisine. Both have gained an international reputation considering that UdonThani is the culinary capital of Isan. Of course, everybody knows about Chef Pom who is a charismatic gastronomy genius.

If you missed to watch the culinary magic of Iron Chef Pom in Udon Thani, your best option is to dine at one of the top restaurants in Bangkok where local Thai cuisine and Mexican-inspired dishes are prepared by the best chefs. Urban eateries in Bangkok provide the tastiest dishes that you should not miss.