Supporters Of Same-Sex Marriage Paint Wall In The Colours Of The Rainbow

The vote to determine whether same-sex marriage will be legalised in Australia or not is due to take place on the 15th of September. As with any major vote that happens in the world there will be supporters and critics. As of now there has been large amounts of support for the supporters as many “YES” rallies have been organized to gather more voters for the cause. A Sydney couple has found their own way to help support the cause, and to let everyone know of their opinion. They have used exterior painters in Sydney to paint a wall of their house in the colours of the rainbow.

Jean-Jacques Fiasson is proud of his wall and says it promotes a strong message in favour of the LGBTQ+ community residing in their part of town. He states that he was actually inspired to do this after he noticed the amount of backlash his gay friends had been getting since the announcement of the vote. He also notes that there have been many supporters in the area. Residents of neighbouring houses have either come up to him to express their praise, or if they are in their cars, they generally beep and show a thumbs up as a simple gesture of appreciation. He did, however, notice one deterrent who rolled down the window of his car and shouted “NO” as he drove past. Aside from that though, he also received an anonymous letter form a “YES” advocator who thanked him for the gesture.

His neighbour Tamara Talmacs, although oblivious at first, did come to know of the exterior painters in Sydney who were working on this, and showed her appreciation for it to Mr. Fiasson. However, another resident of the area, Rachel has stated that this area has been targeted recently by conservative vandals who believe the vote’s result should be a “NO”. A recent spree of graffiti art by these vandals on walls, fences and letter boxes has left many residents fuming by the ears. Thankfully though, the house with the rainbow wall was left alone, and it was only the murals and fences of other houses that were vandalised.