Study Suggest Mindfulness Is Very Effective

With mindfulness becoming more and more prevalent, and with many wondering how to practice mindfulness, some are still asking why mindfulness should be practiced in the first place.

There are some who have taken the ideas and principles of mindfulness and implemented them in their daily lives, who swear by its many benefits towards mental well-being, and there are some who see it as a possible and viable option, who are hampered by their lack of understanding towards how to practice mindfulness in the first place. New data from research may encourage further use of mindfulness, as a recent study has shown that mindfulness, when performed under a group therapy environment, may just be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has generally been held as an effective way of treating mental health issues, as it has been proven in assisting people with a range of notable mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and the like. CBT helps its patients by allowing them to alter their perspective and interaction with the world via focusing on how one’s attitudes and behaviors are formed. CBT has been practiced for quite some time, and is currently the most widely used practice of its kind.

A study conducted by Swedish researchers from the Center for Primary Healthcare Research was recently published in the journal, European Psychiatry. The study tested 215 people suffering from stress-related disorders such as depression, or anxiety, and found that taking part in several mindfulness group sessions had alleviated numerous symptoms associated with the aforementioned disorders on the same level of efficiency as individual CBT treatment.