South Schools Start E-Learning Days

Snow days, as many generations of children refer to them, will no longer exist at South Montgomery schools.

Adoption of an e-learning policy

The school district already started an e-learning policy which is designed to have students work from home during bad weather days when school is canceled.

The students do not have to right away give up the snow days. Currently, e-learning is just done during make-up days, which are incorporated to the school calendar every year.

South Montgomery is part of the numerous schools and school corporations this year currently benefiting from the state’s “digital” option for the cold weather, as stated by the Indiana Department of Education. Every district’s criteria needs approval from the state.

During the time when instructional time needs making up, the students are just going to stay home and download the assignments to their district supplied iPads.

The teachers will stay in the classrooms for a part of the day in order to answer virtual questions coming from the students, and the rest of the teachers’ day is spent for professional development.

Good Friday, Presidents Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day are some of the planned make-up days. If a class time needs no making up, it will be the day off for students.

The advantages of the e-learning policy

This policy is also advantageous for students that suffer from long-term illnesses, according to Brett Higgins, the director of operations and technology for the district.

He said that they understand that learning is a 24/7 process, and that they want their students to make use of technology for learning to continue in those days.

The policy guidelines were finalized Dec 16th in an administrative staff meeting. The policy will then be cascaded to the parents and guardians.

The schools also did a test run for the policy. The students went to school, and the teachers traded their classrooms.

Kelly Clifton’s 4th graders at the New Market Elementary did reading and mathematics lessons and also some writing. She said that they tried giving them different things like if they had their e-learning days.

The youngsters have used iPads since the first grade, so they know the technology. By next year, students from grades 3 to 12 will use Google Chromebooks.


E-learning is slowly coming to schools, which is why teachers and educators also need to learn more about making tests and resources for their students to take advantage of this learning method.