Selectmen Not On A Unanimous Decision Regarding Pipeline Survey

A proposition for a pipeline, meant for natural gas, was made by Kinder Morgan and the Winchester selectmen have voted against it. The town property will not be surveyed despite the different views of the member of the group.

According to a letter sent to Kinder Morgan, the voting result came at 3-2 which means they will not be given permission in surveying properties that is rightfully owned by the town.

The three who favored the motion were Chairman Roberta A. Fraser, members Jack Marsh Jr. and Ken Berthiaume. Those who were against it are Theresa G. Sepe and Herbert Stephens.

The meeting was held along with the 25 attendees, almost all of whom are there to make give their view and influence the selectmen against the proposed project.

The school board chairman Rick Horton was there to say that the community needs leaders and the residents are waiting for them to decide and make sure they act based on what they have decided upon.

The voting was done after the outpouring of protests received from the residents as well as three articles for a petition to urge the officials to make a stand as opposition on the proposal of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. LL. The company is under Kinder Morgan and they are planning on constructing a pipeline that will be used for natural gas.

The three petitions filed by residents are to oppose against the companies aim in performing surveys on properties owned by the town, to make sure the project is never approved since it violates the town’s mission in making sure all drinking water, streams, aquifers and wetlands are protected and disapproval to the project because of its violation when it comes to property rights of every residents.

The proposed pipeline is going to be a medium for the natural gas that will be flowing out from the Pennsylvania gas fields to New York, some parts of Massachusetts in the north and New Hampshire in the south. It will then arrive to its final destination which is eastern Massachusetts where considered as a distribution hub.