Scuba Diving For Physical Fitness


Contrary to its reputation as a high risk sport, scuba diving is just the same as walking. An individual is not required to have great strength to scuba dive but only an average level of fitness to be safe. In the past, scuba divers required rubber dry suits and flotation gear that were bulky and heavy that is why it is not suggested for youngsters and members of the weaker sex even majority of men. Things have changed because scuba diving is now considered as a recreational sport that can be enjoyed by all people.

Some celebrities consider scuba diving as an ideal way to keep in shape. When the body is fit, you perform better at diving because you do not have to breathe hard and your heart does not race out of control. Few divers feel fatigue when diving because you are basically weightless when in the water. There is a sensation of floating which does not really require movement from the arms and hands. Most of the activity happens on the chest muscles and the large muscle groups in the legs.

Scuba diving according to some experts burn about 900 calories per hour although the range of calories that are actually used up in warm water diving is from 400 to 600 calories. There are many factors involved in burning calories that includes depth, water temperature, thermal protection, fitness level and work intensity. When diving, an individual uses the core muscles as well as the large muscle groups on the legs.

Water has a great ability to absorb heat so that when diving, body heat is lost faster than when on land. While body suits slow the down the process, the body still loses heat that is why is considered as great fitness exercise. Sadly, not everyone can dive frequently enough.

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