Safety First Before Attempting To Clean A Flooded Basement

If your basement becomes flooded, it is important to consider your safety. Don’t just wade into the water because you might get electrocuted. You will be frustrated with the mess but everything can be straightened out by professional cleaning services including domestic carpet cleaning.

What to do if your basement is flooded

If your basement is full of water, your carpets are not only ruined; they are infested with harmful bacteria. Do not risk your life and health, call domestic carpet cleaning.

When water mixes with electrical outlets and appliances, there is a high potential for electrocution. Stay out of the water until it recedes. Your life is more important than your appliances.

It is not only the electrical system you should be wary of. Storm water usually contains sewage and it can become contaminated. If you cannot resist from cleaning the basement, make sure to use boots and gloves and ensure that contaminated water does not touch your exposed skin.

After a severe storm, expect cleaning services to be fully booked. If you are going to require their help, call different cleaning services so that your name will be listed. This will increase your chances of getting help.

If the carpet is ruined and contaminated with bacteria, it is usually best to pitch it. This will also be the suggestion of domestic carpet cleaning services because bacteria can stay even after the carpet is dry.

Walls can be wiped dry but a couple inches of water can seep into the drywall. Professional cleaning services will usually do a “dry cut” up to 24 inches from the floor to make sure that will be no mold growth. After a flood, molds can spread on the walls within the next 36 to 48 hours.

You will be better off calling the cleaning services because the walls may appear dry but underneath they could be wet. Your walls can become the perfect breeding ground of molds.

The health department recommends scrubbing all surfaces that have come into contact with flood water with a solution of ¼ cup household bleach to a gallon of water. Wet clothing and beddings must be machine washed.

Be wary of people who will offer help in exchange for cash.