Rose-Scented Bubble Wrap For Packaging A Valentine’s Day Gift

Paper Mart bubble wrap ensures that all shipments particularly fragile items arrive at their destination safely and undamaged. Bubble wraps provide superior protection compared to paper and loose-fill cushioning materials. However, Paper Mar bubble wrap is also for used for non-packaging needs like relief from stress. Individuals who pop the air bubbles tend to minimize their stress but if a certain scent is released, it will enhance the bubble wrap experience.

Rajapack has released the first commercially available scented bubble wrap that includes different aromas of bacon, sawdust, cookies and many more. Rajapack is calling this new product Infusion Wrap so that sending parcels can be more personalized. The smell of the bubble wrap can be tailored to the preferences of the recipient to ensure an overwhelming experience.

The technology behind the product is rather simple and straightforward. A small dose of fragrance is infused on the bubble wrap which will be released when the recipient decides to pop the air bubbles. Each individual flavor can be chosen according to the recipient’s favorite scent. In addition, the bubble wrap will be colored so as to reflect on its aroma.

It is expected that the scented bubble wrap will sell rather quickly because it very difficult for anyone to resist popping the air bubbles. Everyone is certainly excited about the packaging product because it is a perfect way to add a personal touch to gifts during birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or during the holidays. There is also rose-scented bubble wraps intended for Valentine’s Day which everyone expects to be a best seller.

The biggest advantage of scented bubble wraps is the potential for business particularly for online retail stores that want to enhance the experience of their customers. The initial wave of infusions will be increased further as the demand of customers increase. Customers can request different fragrances when using bubble wraps as packaging for gifts to their boyfriend, parents, siblings or best friends. Hopefully, all the nominated flavors will be included in the bubble wraps so that the happiness and excitement at receiving a gift will be increased tenfold. The results so far have been fantastic and the fragrances developed are unbelievable.