Rising Sea Levels Threaten Condo Developments In Miami

Scientists have not been remiss in giving warnings to condo developers that Miami is one of the cities susceptible to possible damages with the rise in sea levels. However, condo developers do not seem to heed the warning because they continue to build shiny luxury towers in areas that are threatened by rising tides.

A website, EMiami Condos is tracking condo development in Miami to determine which of the buildings are subjected to the highest risks. The site gathers information through the FIU School of Journalism’s “Eyes on the Rise” app. The app is relatively easy to use. You only need to key in your address and it will find out how much of sea-level rise is required to put your home underwater.

A map is divided into 3 color-coded zones with red representing areas that will be threatened by 2-feet of sea level rise, yellow representing 3-feet and blue representing 4-feet. Miami Beach and Key Biscayne are areas where condo buildings are most likely to experience their lobbies underwater if the sea level rises by 2 feet. Edgewater which is Miami’s most booming neighborhood when it comes to condo development has several buildings that will be threatened by waters immediately.

However, the common question is when this will happen? Even scientists do not have an exact timeline. It could be 200 or 2,000 years from now for the sea level to rise. The basis will be how long ice will melt due to global warming. Estimations involve a lot of unknowns.

According to the predictions of 2014 National Climate Assessment, sea levels could rise from about one foot to four feet by 2100 but it left leeway that the rise could be as little as 8 inches or as high as 8 feet. None of the condos in Miami are at risk of being swallowed by the waters right now particularly with the steps undertaken to reduce carbon emissions.

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