Relocation Confirmed By David Jones

David Jones might have to hire an office removals in Sydney soon because they have announced that they are going to move their branch from Sydney to Melbourne. Aside from this, they will also have to launch a huge recruitment drive in order to acquire hundreds of new head office staffs since many of their current staffs are not willing to move to Melbourne.

David Jones which is a well known department store in Sydney has been operating in their current location for 179 years already. They recently decided that they are going to move their head office from Sydney and move to Melbourne where there is a corporate campus built for the company which was built for the very purpose. In the same space is another company, the Country Road Group.

The former employees in the Sydney office have been given a deadline of until February 28 to decide whether they are willing to move to another state. According to retail sources, only 20 to 30 per cent of the staffs in the head office are willing to do so. The new owner of David Jones is the retailer from South Africa called Wool worths. They have estimated beforehand that there will be about 50 to 60 employees who will come to the Melbourne office. This will result to a big loss in their buying and marketing department.

A source that is close to David Jones said that they will be able to replace employees from the finance and property department without any issues but in the case of lost employees in the marketing and buying department, the task may not be as easy. The company is quite surprised by the result because they have been counting on those departments the most.

The exact numbers of staff have not been disclosed by David Jones but they commented that the number of staff who agreed to come is close to the estimate they did beforehand.

According to John Dixon, the chief executive of David Jones, they have already hired office removals in Sydney and the move is progressing well. They will hire additional staff and will conduct promotions accordingly.