Reforms In The Educational System To Align With Thailand 4.0 Initiative

The presence of Thailand international school in the Kingdom is an indication that the country is moving forward in terms of providing different educational options for children. When parents are given the opportunity to make choices, it means that the government is supportive of their aspirations to provide their children with high quality education.

An announcement made by the Ministry of Education (MoE) highlights the plans of combining the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) with the Office of Higher Education (OHEC) to form a new Research and Higher Education Ministry. The merger between the current MOST and OHEC is being considered by Thailand in order to achieve the objectives of Thailand 4.0 initiative.

According to Dr. Suvit Maesincee, the Minister of Science and Technology, the merger between the two agencies could be completed at the end of the government’s term; however, the process may take longer because of the required public hearings.

Dr. Suvit further shared that the responsibilities of the new Research and Higher Education Ministry will include unification of all research universities as well as related institutes to produce and manage human resources. This is in response the country’s development programs that will support technology start-ups and SME’s in leveraging new technologies.

The new ministry will also be responsible in providing assistance to Thai farmers so that they can be “smart” farmers using new technologies. Providing manpower and promoting technology are the crucial factors that will ensure the success of S-Curve industries.

Contrary to the rumours floating around, MOST will not be dissolved. Instead, it will be merged with OHEC and other agencies like the National Research Council of Thailand and Thailand Research Fund. Reorganization of agencies is part of the reform agenda of the government for the next 20 years and Thailand 4.0 initiative. More focus and attention will directed towards higher education institutes to ensure they are aligned with Thailand 4.0.

In preparation for higher learning, Thailand international school encourages young students to pursue their passions and interests. The students are provided with the right facilities including a spacious campus and highly skilled teachers to ensure that they are academically prepared for the future.