Real Estate Agents Will Always Be In Demand According To The CEO Of Compass

Compass is a company that was founded before the end of 2012 by Rovert Reffkin together with Ori Allon. It is now considered as one of the most innovative business startups in the field of real estate nowadays. The brokerage firm is operated with the help of technology with an office headquarter based in New York. It has also offices located in various locations such as Aspen, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Santa Barbara, Boston, Washington DC and Miami. Compass are able to provide their customers with the best services in brokering with the partnership of exceptional real estate agents that are experts in using the latest high quality technology which makes the process involved in real estate such as renting, buying and selling more easier, seamless and not to mention intelligent.

The investor capital of the company is now at $135 million and they have announced in a recent statement that they are already starting the early stages of the series D for more funding. This latest series is expected to amount to $1.2 billion.

According to the founder as well as the CEO of the Compass, Robert Reffkin, before he started working on his startup, he was employed at Goldman Sachs ad he was the President’s Chief of Staff. He later became the COO after working for five years in the private equity arm that is also owned by the firm. Before coming to Goldman Sachs, he also shared that he was employed at Lazard and McKinsey & Company. It was in 2005 that he was given the position of a White House Fellow. He was then assigned to be the special assistant of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Aside from all the businesses he is dealing with, Reffkin is also known to be the founder of a mentoring program in New York City, New York Needs You. This is said to be a time-intensive program that focuses on career mentoring. He is now reaping his success in the field of real estate. For those interested in moving to Thailand, it is now easier finding a house for sale in Pattaya.