Psychic Sentenced 5 To 15 Years In Federal Prison

The field of psychic readings and interpretations has always been surrounded with controversy. Through time, many people have sought the help of these people for psychic readings. As the market expands, fraudulent psychics are now everywhere. It is important that you ensure first hand that your psychic is legitimate.

Take the case of Sylvia Mitchell from Manhattan, New York. She is a fortuneteller who was sentenced five to fifteen years of imprisonment after she was convicted before a jury for grand larceny. The Judge that handed down the sentence was Justice Gregory Carro of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. He acknowledged that the sentence was harsher than that requested by the prosecutor which was only three to nine years. Justice Carro said that New York City was full of con artists. However, he emphasized that Ms Mitchell’s fraudulent act was way graver than other offenders. The suspect lured people who were undergoing dramatic stress in their life with a burden of problem into enticing to help them.

Sylvia Mitchell who was then 39 when the sentence was handed down, wept as she entered the courtroom, handcuffed and looking very haggard after being jailed on Rikers Island for over a month. She glimpsed occasionally on a row of elderly men, most presumably her relatives.

She acknowledged her guilt and told the judge how sorry she was. She said that she wanted to go back to school and study in order to have a new profession and start a new life.

The court ordered the convicted felon to pay at least $110,000 in restitution to the victims. Her lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz said that their camp was prepared to pay with a check coming from an escrow account. The lawyer also planned to appeal the sentence that was handed down. He stated that it was overly harsh, given that the prosecutors offered the suspect a plea deal even before the trial happened which included no jail time. Ms Mitchell did not take the offer.

People are urged to be very careful when consulting the help of psychics to do readings. You do not want to end up as a victim of an elaborate scam.