Post Cyclone Debbie Clean-Up Runs Into A Scaly Issue

Following the damage done by Cyclone Debbie, residents across Queensland are now working to recover from the recent bout of turbulent weather. However, recently, there have been several major factors slowing down the clean-up process, inconveniencing home owners, businessmen, commercial cleaners in Gold Coast, and other Queensland inhabitants.

And they hiss.

Snakes from the surrounding Queensland wilderness have made their way into homes, giving commercial cleaners in Gold Coast an entirely new issue to work with. According to snake, catchers the snakes made their way into the households with the intent to seek out shelter from the weather, which in itself is understandable, but have prompted a wave of snake catcher hiring in the region, with snakes being found on rafters, firewood baskets, and any area in homes with decent shade.

Of particular danger is that some of the reptiles will crawl into fuse boxes and blend in with firewood. Snakes are hiding in areas they normally wouldn’t go into, and coming into contact with key apparatus. In South Stradbroke Island, for example, one Margaret Ott had been experience repeated blackouts in her house in the days following the cyclone. To her shock, it was caused by a massive brown snake that had taken shelter in her house’s fuse box, which she only found when it attempted to enter her bedroom via the window.

A Gold Coast snake catcher even stated in an interview that he’s caught over 20 snakes from houses in the region. Another catcher, one named Tony Harrison expressed his surprise with one catch he made last March 31, Friday; a 3-metre-long Python, which he claims is the largest one he’s seen yet. Professionals have advised people to avoid contact with the animals and call the nearest available snake catcher for everyone’s sake.

Even in areas where the flooding wasn’t particularly bad, like in Cairns, snakes still flocked towards manmade areas, endangering local residents. Pictures by professionals show snakes in Cairns going after pets, chicken coops and the like.

Cyclone Debbie was a category four storm that struck the northern NSW region and Queensland last March 28, Tuesday, bringing in 260km/h wind and record setting rains of over 200mm/hour. Local residents and businesses are still finding trouble with the clean-up effort and the attempt to return to normal, a feat exacerbated by the persistent floodwaters and this recent tide of serpentine shenanigans.