Phuket Attracting Superyachts

The island of Phuket in Thailand was recently the venue for a yachting showcase which lasted for a month. The highlight of the event called Kata Rocks Superyachts Rendezvous has seen many extravagant private vessels that are the best in the world. It has been a tourist destination ever since when it comes to boating and it currently have a number of yacht clubs in the island and offers yacht charter in Phuket. It is currently looked upon when it comes to regional yachting because it houses the powerhouse vessels. Kata Rocks is known as a luxury resort located in the island. It sponsored a number of superyachts events but it was only December of last year when they decided to launch their major regatta which was held from December 10 to 12 of 2016.

Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative during the event. It is normal to see glass seas during the month of December in the top tourist island of the country thus they prestigious event by the royal family called King’s Cup Regatta is also held on the same month from the 3rd of December until the 10th. Once the Kata Rocks event was over, other events followed including the Thailand Yacht Show as well as the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous which was held on December 15 to 18.

The latest Phuket King’s Cup Regatta celebrated its 30th anniversary but it was not as lively as before because it happened a few months after the death of the beloved King of the country, Bhumibol Adulyadej who reigned for 70 years. Thailand is currently mourning and will last for a year thus any festive gala finale will not be as grand as before.

Kata was able to see a bit more life in comparison because local guests who were invited to the event were able to blend with the jetsetters or what can be referred to a yachtsetters in this case. There are a number of head beach parties hosted, excursions on the beach as well as performances for every night of the event. The superyacht event had most likely encouraged more tourists to visit the island to experience yacht charter in Phuket.