Study Suggest Mindfulness Is Very Effective

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With mindfulness becoming more and more prevalent, and with many wondering how to practice mindfulness, some are still asking why mindfulness should be practiced in the first place.

There are some who have taken the ideas and principles of mindfulness and implemented them in their daily lives, who swear by its many benefits towards mental well-being, and there are some who see it as a possible and viable option, who are hampered by their lack of understanding towards how to practice mindfulness in the first place. New data from research may encourage further use of mindfulness, as a recent study has shown that mindfulness, when performed under a group therapy environment, may just be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has generally been held as an effective way of treating mental health issues, as it has been proven in assisting people with a range of notable mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and the like. CBT helps its patients by allowing them to alter their perspective and interaction with the world via focusing on how one’s attitudes and behaviors are formed. CBT has been practiced for quite some time, and is currently the most widely used practice of its kind.

A study conducted by Swedish researchers from the Center for Primary Healthcare Research was recently published in the journal, European Psychiatry. The study tested 215 people suffering from stress-related disorders such as depression, or anxiety, and found that taking part in several mindfulness group sessions had alleviated numerous symptoms associated with the aforementioned disorders on the same level of efficiency as individual CBT treatment.

Phuket Attracting Superyachts

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The island of Phuket in Thailand was recently the venue for a yachting showcase which lasted for a month. The highlight of the event called Kata Rocks Superyachts Rendezvous has seen many extravagant private vessels that are the best in the world. It has been a tourist destination ever since when it comes to boating and it currently have a number of yacht clubs in the island and offers yacht charter in Phuket. It is currently looked upon when it comes to regional yachting because it houses the powerhouse vessels. Kata Rocks is known as a luxury resort located in the island. It sponsored a number of superyachts events but it was only December of last year when they decided to launch their major regatta which was held from December 10 to 12 of 2016.

Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative during the event. It is normal to see glass seas during the month of December in the top tourist island of the country thus they prestigious event by the royal family called King’s Cup Regatta is also held on the same month from the 3rd of December until the 10th. Once the Kata Rocks event was over, other events followed including the Thailand Yacht Show as well as the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous which was held on December 15 to 18.

The latest Phuket King’s Cup Regatta celebrated its 30th anniversary but it was not as lively as before because it happened a few months after the death of the beloved King of the country, Bhumibol Adulyadej who reigned for 70 years. Thailand is currently mourning and will last for a year thus any festive gala finale will not be as grand as before.

Kata was able to see a bit more life in comparison because local guests who were invited to the event were able to blend with the jetsetters or what can be referred to a yachtsetters in this case. There are a number of head beach parties hosted, excursions on the beach as well as performances for every night of the event. The superyacht event had most likely encouraged more tourists to visit the island to experience yacht charter in Phuket.


Lars Larsen Watches In China – A Step Forward

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A nation cannot stand really just on its own. It needs to collaborate and be open to other nations and build relationships. Building relationships between countries take time, effort, and agreements between involved governments and different institutions depending on the kind of agreement that is being done. The most common ground between nations even during ancient times is in business and trading. Trading has been an important factor in a nation’s growth and success. Relationships are developed or broken via these business ways, thus countries tend to ensure that they keep being in good standing of partner countries and alliances. This is the case that Denmark and China have come to start actions on, where Lars Larsen Watches has taken part in its celebration to start the process.

Last March 12, 2017, representatives from different Danish businesses and the Danish government attended a VIP function in China. This was done in Alibaba’s headquarters in China just outside Hangzhou and is a joint venture between event between China and Denmark to celebrate and share Danish tourism and Danish companies and the products that they provide. Denmark was represented by Mr. Anders Samuelsen, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs. This is Mr. Samuelsen’s first official visit to this country and this is to help promote and celebrate Danish tourism and the Danish companies and products that were selected to represent Denmark.

It is with pride for Lars Larsen Watches to announce that it was included to be one of the 30 companies chosen exclusively to represent and be part of the celebration in China. This is together with other brands such as Ecco, Pandora, Carlsberg, Arla. Representatives from the watch company are its CEO and Lars Larsen Watches Board of Directors Chairman, Dan Corfitzen and Flemming Østergaard, respectively. Also, it is with great pleasure that Lars Larsen Watches and Chinese company Hunan Estar has come into an agreement of cooperation to open the Chinese market to the watches.

A start of a new beginning for the Danish and Chinese markets for the betterment of both nations. It is also a step forward for growth and success for Lars Larsen Watches.

Effective Buying Tips For NRL Merchandise In Australia

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If you are one of the countless Australians who are into football, it would not be surprising if you are looking for high quality NRL merchandise in Australia. Impulsive buyers can easily find and even purchase a variety of NRL products online. However, if you don’t want to waste your money on low quality items, spare some time to research and shop around to find the right merchandise. Here are some tips.

Verify the shop’s reputation

Before buying any merchandise from online shops, take time to check on the shop’s reputation among its customers especially if you are buying from them for the first time. There are customer testimonials that you can check from the online shop’s website of find out what ratings were given to the shop by its customers. The ratings and customer feedback will give you an idea if you are looking at a reliable supplier of NRL merchandise in Australia. You can also check the discussion boards for more idea.

Check for return or refund policy                                                            

You can never be sure if you will be happy with the merchandise that you will get from an online shop. This is why it is important that you should only buy from online stores that offer money back guarantee or one that allows the products to be returned if their customers are not happy with the items. You should also check if the online shop has a physical store that you can visit. Before you finalize your payment, make sure to read and understand the refund policy. Find out if you can have your money back if not satisfied with the product or if you can replace the item. If they allow return or replacement, find out how many days do they accept returns or replacements.

Discounts and promos

Choose a supplier of NRL merchandise in Australia that offers promos and deals or ways for you to save on money. There are online shops that accept gift cards and vouchers in exchange of merchandise. Find out if the products come with warranty.

3 Deals To Look For In Honda Motorbikes In UK

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Honda motorbikes in UK can be quite costly which is why it is important to look for promos and deals that could lower down your expenses, if ever you want to buy a unit. Whether you buy a brand new or second hand unit, it can still be expensive, unless of course, you have a ready money for it. However, the price of Honda bikes should not deter you from buying a unit. Just think about the quality of its engine and you will realize that the price is all worth it. You just have to look for ways to lower the costs and some of the money-saving deals that you should look for include the following:

Free delivery

A valuable item such as a Honda motorbike can be costly if you are going to pay for its delivery. Aside from its weight, its delivery cost will also be determined by its price and you also have to pay for the shipping or delivery insurance. All in all, this can amount to a few hundred pounds. If you can have the delivery of your Honda motorbikes in UK for free, that means you would be saving a lot of money on the purchase. Thus, a free delivery offer should be one of the things that you should look for and consider when looking for an online supplier.

Payment options

Because of its price, Honda buyers may find the entire amount heavy on the pocket. This is the reason why, you should look for a dealer that offers payment options to those who cannot buy the unit in cash. Some dealers offer Personal Loan options wherein the buyer will place a deposit and pay the unit every month until it is paid off.

Longer warranty offers

An extended warranty for Honda motorbikes in UK is an excellent deal wherein you won’t have to spend anything on the bike’s maintenance and repair while the warranty is on. This would mean another savings opportunity for you since repair and maintenance for high end cars can be costly.



Survey Shows Scholarship Awarded Mostly To Democrat And Liberal Students

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According to Madeleine Albright, Secretary of the State, on a discussion regarding the federal program that offers the Truman Scholarship, she envisions that the future elected representatives, Cabinet members, non-profit directors and even the next president of the country will be coming from the pool of students that were given the scholarships.

If we are to study the survey that was conducted regarding the awardees in the last two years then we will be able to deduce that the leaders of tomorrow is most likely going to be a Democrat.

The College Fix gathered data for the 2015 and 2016 involving Truman scholars who have been active in their political advocacies either in a liberal organization or a Democrat group. The analysis was made after the latest announcement of the new recipients of the Truman Scholarship for 2017.

Scholarship recipients are coming from college juniors and they are given $30,000 worth of scholarship money to fund their graduate school. Along with the scholarship grant is an agreement that they will be serving the public for three years within the first seven years that they have accomplished their diploma in graduate studies.

Around 35 per cent of the scholars are considered to be doing liberal works. There are over 40 students out of the total 112 scholars, that were granted the scholarship in 2015 and 2106, who are tied to either liberal groups or Democratic politicians. Not a handful of the remaining scholars are affiliated with either conservative or Republican groups.

There are around 26 recipients in the 2015 Truman Scholars that are found to have served politicians and administrations that are Democratic, organizations that are leaning towards the liberal group or they were a part of the College Democrats before the awarding and even after the Truman Scholarship have been awarded. The Fix was only able to count two recipients who are connected in conservative or Republican groups based on their resume.

Don’t worry if you think you are not qualified for this scholarship as there are many others out there such as the Scholarships for Blue Eyes which is intended for students who have blue eyes.