Is Your Website Already Mobile Ready?

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It is now the Internet age and if you want you and your website to keep up with the rapid changes in the internet, you must integrate a mobile web design Perth into your website. With the world now mostly turning to mobile devices to access the internet, it has now become important to have a mobile ready website. This means that you would need to incorporate mobile elements into your website’s design for it to be easily accessible from mobile devices.

Now why should your website be mobile friendly? First of all 52 percent of Americans own a smartphone and if you would think about it, that’s about 165 million people with internet-ready mobile devices in their pockets. Additionally, there is 60 percent conversion rate for sites that are mobile ready in contrast to the 23 percent of sites that aren’t. You should also know that only 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 94 percent of small-time businesses have mobile ready websites. This means, that you can still get ahead in the business game.

If you are wondering what makes a mobile friendly site, then you should first know that these sites’ layouts and design will be able to fit a smaller screen with enough space for navigation for easy pressing of buttons or icons. A mobile friendly site will also have action buttons that are easily locatable and when transactions are involved, there will only be a minimal number of steps.

The images would also have to go in accordance with the site so that it does not affect the loading speed of the website.

It should specifically be made available for touch-screens, allowing the user to swipe, tap and scroll through the website with ease.

To have a mobile friendly site, you can either create a separate website that is specifically meant for a mobile audience or you can integrate responsive design into your website. Responsive design will allow your website to respond to the form of device that it is being accessed from, shifting and making adjustments so that it becomes compatible with the said device.

Finding The Best Hotel Deals For You

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If you are hoping to spend a holiday in Hua Hin in the beautiful Thailand, then the first thing to do is to find the hotel deals that are best suited for you and your pockets. Great hotel deals are quite hard to find especially when you are following a budget. Luckily, seasoned travelers were happy enough to share some tips to help other people find the best deals for them.

1. Less Expensive Hotels
It is true that a great hotel can help increase one’s vacation experience, but not all great hotels are expensive hotels. You should know that there are also hotels that would provide more for less and choosing less expensive hotels can actually prove beneficial for you while not affecting the quality of your vacation.

2. Prices and Travel Dates
A good research can be your greatest ally especially when you have the Internet to back you up. In the Internet, prices always tend to vary and you can use this to your advantage by choosing what is suitable for your budget and your experience. Also, take note that you should be flexible with travel dates. There are platforms that can tell when it is the best time for travel and when it is most affordable. Always be ready.

3. Prepare for Amenities

You should always have a budget that is exclusive for hotel amenities. This is most important when you got the hotel room for a great deal because great deals do not often involve amenities. It is also good to be ready when you feel as if you want more from the hotel room.

4. Negotiate
When hotels want to be filled, sometimes they would allow clients to negotiate with them for deals. Do not be afraid to ask for a free breakfast, parking space, Internet and some facilities. Managers would rather have their rooms filled than have those vacant for a whole night.

5. Look for Packages
There are numerous occasions where packages are what you’re really looking for. If you have the budget and want to enjoy a memorable vacation, then you might just want to spend it on a luxury room.

Belfast City Hall Lighting Up To Raise IBD Awareness

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The availability of the latest technology in Belfast City for the treatment of different eye disorders, as well as advertisements of the different surgical procedures online like in has proven the importance that is being placed in addressing eye problems. Raising awareness, however, does not only appear to be limited to diseases associated with the eyes as a radiant Belfast City Hall illuminated a purple color last May 19. The said event symbolizes a local charity’s desire to raise awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Northern Ireland. Andrew Mulholland, trustee of the mentioned charity, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, one of the two kinds comprising inflammatory bowel disease. In an interview, he said that that the main reason for this movement was that he felt as if there was a lack of support system in Northern Ireland, considering that there were over 7,000 people there battling with the disease. Andrew was diagnosed at age 15 and he experienced the grave consequence of dropping to a weight he described to be as light as 8 stones, far lower than his normal weight which was comparable to 15 stones.

The charity set only a year ago called Let’s Talk about Crohn’s and Colitis Northern Ireland was set up by Andrew and two other girls diagnosed with Colitis, the other disease that makes up IBD. The idea of lighting up the hall at World IBD day occurred to them as a remarkable mark of respect for everyone who is affected by these diseases. Before the event, the local charity appealed to those willing to volunteer and help out on the actual event. Fundraising events leading to people coming together, having a little conversation about the condition, and learning more technicalities about the Crohn’s disease and Colitis were some of the key events that took place. According to Andrew, the idea seemed impossible to take place at first despite of having good connections with both the local councilors and representatives since the venue was allowed to be used only in very limited major events like St. Patrick’s Day. To the local charity’s surprise, everything turned out according to their plans.

Raising awareness for IBD was something Andrew and the whole team was evidently determined to achieve. He believed that the lighting up of such a special hall can clearly send out an important message to everyone: IBD does exist and there are people constantly battling with this incurable disease that will greatly appreciate any support they can get from healthy and unhealthy individuals of Northern Ireland.

Future Of Office Furniture Industry More Stable

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Despite the need for office furniture such as executive office chairs, the industry has dwindled for some time because of the decline in the economy. Now that the economy is starting to pick up, as well as the office furniture industry, executives believe that there will be stability in the near future.

According to Brian Walker, the CEO of Herman Miller Inc., when it comes to demand the industry can be said to be in a healthy state right now. Though he admitted that the economy is slow to pick up its recovery, many companies are now doing well for a period of time which made them spend more on their facilities.

As of this year, the industry of office furniture has already exceeded that set growth targets. In the first quarter alone, shipments have increased by 9% which made it to $2.39 billion. The orders, on the other hand, have increased by 8% which made it to $2.35 billion. The numbers are in comparison to last year’s data for the same period. These data are from BIFMA or Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association which is based in Grand Rapids. An estimate was already released earlier this year which amounts the shipping volume for first quarter to have increased by around 4.4%.

According to a forecast made by BIFMA, there is an expected increase in the shipments by another 4.4% which will make the 2015 amass a total of $10.2 billion. While for 2016, BIFMA’s forecast is said to increase by 7.9% which will gather $11 billion for shipments alone. The previous forecast was only set at a growth of 6.6%.

Tom Reardon, BIFMA’s executive director, expressed how they think the forecast for this year is not as good as for 2016. He also believed that the outlook is going in the right direction and data will continue to grow in the coming years.
Michael A. Dunlap & Associates LLC recently released an activity index for office furniture which set it at 56.80 based on a scale of 0 to 100 for the month of April. Last January, the index was at 57.26 while half a year ago it was at 57.58.

Uber Deemed To Be “Illegal” In Gauteng

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Uber, the ride sharing service that functions similar to a private taxi, is seemed deemed to be illegal in Gauteng according to roads and transport MEC Ismail Vadi.

Uber is a smartphone-based application developed in California USA. It allows people to use their smartphones to contact drivers connected through Uber for trip requests. These drivers, in turn, use their own private vehicles to transport those who requested, functioning similar to taxi cabs.

Viadi, through Talk Radio 702, said that there is ongoing legislation between metered taxi associations and chartered services. This legislation, according to Viadi, does not seem to accommodate or cater to Uber. He also said that they had told Uber drivers that they need to register if they wanted to operate. They will not be allowed to do so if they had failed to register, as they will be deemed as illegal operators.

Can be legal

Independent transport analyst Paul Browning says that there is a law that may be able to accommodate Uber. However, it has not yet been passed into legislation as of the moment. However, even if the so-called National Land Transport Act (NLTA), were to be passed as law, Browing believes that Uber drivers still need to apply for taxi operating licenses as that Act defines a ‘metered taxi’ being equipped with meters.

Yet, Uber seemed to be under no category as the NLTA was drafted before the time of smartphones according to Samantha Allenberg, an Uber spokesperson. She also said that the national department of transport issued a practice note, which requires Uber driver to obtain taxi operation licenses while the NLTA has not yet been amended to cater to Uber.

Puts people out of business

John Ramaema runs a metered taxi business at OR Tambo Airport. He has been earning enough to send his children to school and put food on the table.

He believes that Uber has put his business at its lowest point as he has been competing with the low-cost fares and easy-entry of Uber drivers.

Ramaema entered into a contractual agreement with the Airports Company of South Africa, which allowed them to operate taxis from the airports with the condition that they get rid of older vehicles and replace them with new ones. However, Uber drivers have been freely entering and exiting airports to fetch passengers without even entering into the same agreement as Ramaema did. This has made Ramaema question the need for the contractual agreement.

Taxi operators like Ramaema believes that Uber has been violating the set of rules that he and many others have been abiding by for years. It seems as though different rules apply to Uber. He also believes that Uber will soon lead many of his kind of out business if it remains unchecked by the government.

Tutor’s Passion For American Sign Language Turns Into A Mission

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California is considered as one of the most culturally diverse states in the US and if you would be tutoring in Cerritos and in other parts of the state, you can expect to find a number of people speaking a variety of languages. With a number of languages being spoken in the state, there is one particular language that is not given the recognition it deserves. Most of the time, people are focused on the verbal languages that they hear, but there is one particular language that makes use of hand gestures to communicate. You may be familiar with this language because it is often used by people with verbal or hearing disabilities. If you’re guessing American Sign Language, then you are definitely correct.

Sherri Thornton was born with a difficulty in hearing and since she was a child, her first language had always been the Exact Sign Language (ESL). Normally, children learn their first language from their parents and family but in Sherri’s case, who was the only one in their family with hard hearing, she had learned from teachers.

Her parents hired for her Mr. and Mrs. Zagata at the age of two to teach her how to communicate through ESL. Sherri’s parents didn’t know how to use ESL and had never bothered to learn the language. This became one of the biggest challenges that Sherri had faced when she was young, having to understand her family while they speak to her verbally.

Luckily for her, she grew up in a school in California that had greatly supported the use of Sign Language. With this, she was exposed to numerous people who are deaf, mute or hard hearing people.

After graduating high school, Sherri went on to teach Sign Language at an affordable rate. She says she wants normal hearing people to understand that people like her are not dumb. She wants more people to learn about the language she is using so that they could understand people like her better. Her passion stems from her earlier experiences when she was forced to learn how to speak to become part of the hearing world and now she now wants normal hearing people to be part of her community.