Featuring The Whitethorn House – Cottage Industry

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Luxury holiday rentals are now sought after by vacationers and families on an adventure. There is a rare opportunity though to buy a very gorgeous and scenic country house which is set across seven acres which has three up-market holiday cottages and is offered along with the sale of the Whitethorn House.

This very unique cottage house is set in seven acres which also include a range of amenities and a yard with an extension of gardens. The abode also has a large garage that is big enough to be transformed into another dwelling place.

The Whitethorn House is a lavish property that has five bedrooms, three very spacious reception rooms, master bedroom en suite, utility room, shower room, hand crafter kitchen and the luxury bathroom. The cottages have two bedrooms each, with a master en suite and an open ground floor with luxurious kitchens. The Whitethorn House is also finished with a very high specification with internal doors. The main rooms of the cottages look out towards the vast gardens and beyond the Scrabo Tower and Strangford Lough.

The magnificent reception hall of the cottages has oak flooring with ornate ceiling which has an impressive oak staircase and a galleried landing. The living rooms in the cottages has been divided in order to form a dining area to the rear and have French door which open to the vast kitchen and also has other French doors which open to other spacious rooms.

The kitchens are equipped with extensive range of cabinets and countertops along with kitchen utensils and equipments. There are expensive oak wood works and central island units that have built in breakfast areas. There are fitted appliances in the cottages including an integrated freezer or fridge, range cooker and dishwasher which are mounted in wall cabinets.

On the first floor of the property, there are three spacious double bedrooms with master en suite dressing room, family bathroom and shower room. On the second floor are two more double rooms with luxury bathrooms. The overall accommodation extends to at least 4,200 square feet.

How Luxury Goods Provide The Key Opportunity For Paper-Based Packaging

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Paper Mart boxes have a great environmental record because paper is one of the most recycled packaging products today. Paperboard which is a paper-based packaging material is generally thicker than ordinary paper and it used for packaging of food and beverages. It is versatile, durable and lightweight enough so as not to impact on transportation costs.

Paper and paperboard packaging materials account for at least 35% of worldwide packaging sales with a total of about $280 billion (£180 billion) in 2013. Carton board and container board account for approximately 31% of the packaging market. The growth in paper-based packaging is driven by increased online sales in spite of the growing demand to reduce packaging.

The key drivers in the growth of paper-based packaging include growing GDP, changing demographics, convenience packaging, sustainability and recycling concerns, advances in technology, security and the drive for added value that is responsible for the innovations in luxury packaging.

However, much of the focus of research and development is towards plastic and not so much on paper but luxury goods provides the key opportunity for paper-based packaging. In luxury packaging, paper-based boxes have the biggest market share; glass has the biggest share in terms of volume. Paper packaging is growing by an average of 4.4% a year from 2014 to 2019 to reach £17.6 billion. Growth rate is highest in South and Central America at 9% but it is still growing at 3% in Western Europe and North America.

In Europe, there is increased competition and strong drive for brand and product differentiation at the luxury end of the market and this has resulted into a shift from standard to higher added-value folding boxboard grades. Brands in the beauty department are sold in packaging that is bigger because the perception is the bigger the more luxurious.

Technology is another reason for the growth in the luxury market. State-of-the-art print techniques that are more associated with magazines are used on luxury packaging which prevents counterfeiting. Digital interaction through print is one of the ways for luxury products to engage with their customers. Currently the vast majority of packaging products are conventionally printed but digital is expected to become more significant into that market.

Role Of Central Heating During The Cold July In Derbyshire

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Full central heating systems are very important especially in places where the weather is unbearable cold and you don’t have an emergency plumber close by. This is what saved the day for many of the people in Derbyshire. After the temperature has reached below average and has become too cold for the residents, they turned on their central heating systems.

According to the spokesperson from the Met Office, Nicola Maxey, the week in Derbyshire has been very cold especially in the evening. Almost all night, the temperature is always at a single figure. There are different perspective regarding people who turn on their central heating and those who don’t. Some find it too luxurious to do while some are not sure why heating should be used during the month of July. Many of the readers from Derbyshire have shared on Facebook regarding this.

Chaddesden’s Daniel Warren posted that because of the very cold weather during the past few days, he has no choice but to turn on the heat while Nicole Shelby Reynolds from Derby explained that she has a young child with her inside the house which makes the heating a necessity and believes that it may sound her being over-protective.

Other readers shared how they avoided using their central heating but instead created log fires while the electric heaters are turned on. There are some who find it quite impossible that anyone would need the central heating during the month of July.

Another resident from Chaddesden, Rachael Huntingtons, said that the weather is not cold enough for her and turning the heater means wasting precious money while Patrick Hartle seems to be quite shocked and was not able to believe that people really turned on the heating during the month of July.

According to the weather forecast from the Met Office, the temperature will increase from now on and would be at the range of 20-21C which is a high. Until the morning of Monday, it is expected that everything will stay dry despite the cloudy weather and the light showers.

There might be some rain on Monday but the sun is expected to appear every now and then. Though the next day would also be more rain, the temperature will remain at a range of 18-20C.

Australian Interest Rate Steadied At 2%

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The real estate industry is reportedly to be doing good which means that those companies engaged in Perth bathroom renovation will also benefit from this positive news. One of the main driving forces behind this improvement is the Reserve bank’s freeze of interest rates thrice in a row. The official rate is at 2 percent which has been recorded as a historic low.

What experts say
This move by the board was predicted by experts long before who commented that the Reserve bank will be holding the interest rate throughout the middle of the year. Governor Glenn Stevens commented that while the Australian economy is continuously expanding at an average pace, there is still a slow growth rate experienced. He further stated that domestic inflationary pressures are continuously contained and that experts are hopeful that the economy has a little capacity to spare.

With an economic threat looming, monetary policies by the Aussies should be flexible and accommodative. Low interest rates are maintained in order to support investor borrowing and buyer spending. Overall, credit activities have a moderate growth. There is a steady growth in the housing sector in the past few months. In Sydney, the housing prices are rising strongly. However, this trend has not been sustained by other key cities.

The Board at the Reserve Bank judged that leaving the rate unchanged was the appropriate measure to the current situation of the country. The Australian economy has been quite in focus and is under great scrutiny. The member of the Board will conduct further assessment of the economic and financial conditions of the country and would then announce to the public any changes to the current interest rate. The decision will of course be aligned with the condition at hand as well as the target growth for the country and issues on inflation will have to be evaluated.

This decision of the Board was received positively. However the results that followed in the housing industry was mixed. Both Melbourne and Sydney continue to flourish in their campaign for an improved housing sector while other major areas in the country continue to experience subdued rates.

No Progress In The Prices Of Homes In Dublin

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Though there is no shortage of when it comes to quality home builder in Dublin, the problem lies in the house prices which has failed to recover and is said to be taking a breather. The prices are quite low especially in non-urban places. The data is revealed by the top Irish developer, Abbey.

According to Charles Gallagher, the executive chairman of Abbey, despite the fact that there is a small shortage when it comes to the housing supply, the case is not obvious since the price of the properties continue to be in the low.

Gallagher pointed out that their company does not reach Galway and Cork but the situation only applies in Dublin where the condition is very obvious.

In case of houses that are outside the commuter belt, the prices are still at its lowest levels. Though Dublin prices have greatly recovered in the past few years, it seems to have paused especially for this particular year.

There are many reports of residents complaining regarding the world crisis and it has affected the housing market which proves that may people are finding it hard to get houses that are within their budgets.

Though Gallagher considered this as a normal condition and something that the Government should be paying attention too, the properties that are not included in the Dublin area are now experiencing very depressed prices. Though there are vacant properties, the measure of shortage is very acute and is only worse in some urban areas. He also expressed the need for the building rates to go higher.

Gallagher believes that in order to help in the economy’s growth, the country must increase the building rates and should be worked on by both parties involved. Another important issue that should be given attention is the cost of building which should be lowered in order to offer people a more affordable housing option. This is more important now that there is a limit set to the mortgage and the amount the certain people could borrow. Financing for the mortgage should also be made available in order to help as the bank recovers very slowly.

Thailand To Make An Upgrade In Its Tourist Spots

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Dishes like Phat Thai and Tom Yam, island escapes like Ko Tao and Ko Samui, as well as the heavenly accommodating holiday villas in Thailand may be some of the highlights that are part of ones ‘list of reasons to explore Thailand’. Undeniably, the tourist spots being cheap in price as compared to those offered in other countries may be at the top of the list of the majority.

Despite the incredible image Thailand has already proven not just in Asia but to the whole world, the tourism sector of the country continues to work towards the improvement it can offer to tourists. It has been reported last July 13, 2015 that the Tourism & Sports Minister Kobkarn Watanawarangkura has announced about a new tourism strategy that is set for implementation until the year 2017.

The planned strategy centers on turning five clusters of major tourist destinations in Thailand to quality destinations by upgrading and rebranding in order to completely wipe out the ‘cheap’ image that has been established throughout the years. The five clusters mentioned are the Lanna Zone, Andaman Sea Zone, Southern Isarn Zone, Eastern Seaboard Zone, and Western Seabord Zone. Under these zones are different provinces like Chiang Mai, Phuket, Buriram, Chonburi, and Ranong to mention a few. Some provinces not covered by these zones such as Nan, Ratchaburi, and Loei will remain to be advertised to the world as ‘destinations that should not be missed out’.

The tourism minister foresees to make earnings as high as 2.5 trillion baht which is equivalent to 75 billion US dollars by 2017, as high-end visitors are being looked forward to visit the kingdom of Thailand after it has been implemented. The talked about strategy is yet to be submitted for approval to the cabinet under Premier Prayut Chan-o-cha.

According to Watanawarangkura, the people that are part of the tourism promotion should have a shift on their focus. By this shift, she means to emphasize that upgrading the most treasured destinations of Thailand instead of just having a target on the number of people to visit and explore the country yearly should be done.