The World’s Happiest Nations

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With all of the evil lurking in this world and the negativities that we watch on the news every day, it is a breath of fresh air to hear news about happy people in the face of our planet.

The United Nations declared March 20 to be the International Day of Happiness. This celebration recognized that happiness is one of the primary goals in every individual’s life.

According to the World Happiness Report, most of the happiest countries are located in the Scandinavian region. The ranking for the world’s happiest countries is based on the following: social support, life expectancy report, gross domestic product per capita, generosity, low perception on corruption and freedom in making choices in life. Here is the list of the top ten happiest countries in the world.

1. Denmark
Denmark grabbed the first place as the happiest country in the world. Iconic places to visit in Denmark which will surely make you happy are the Tivoli Gardens and the King’s Garden at Rosenborg Castle. These are popular picnic spots for the locals especially during summertime.

2. Norway
The Norweigan warm smile brings the country to the second spot. The country offers scenic views and mountaineering experience for the adventurous people.

3. Switzerland
Skiers will delight in the landscape of Switzerland with its ski slope regions in the town of Zermatt. Hikers will also be treated to mountain trekking in the renowned Matterhorn.

4. Netherlands
The spring season in Holland turns the iconic tulip into bloom. Visitors from around the globe visit the happy country to see the various varieties of flowers in this blessed nation.

5. Sweden
Get lost and explore the medieval city in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan. And then take a walk through the first urban park in the world, the city’s Royal National Park.

6. Canada
When in Canada, explore the Islands of the People, the home of the Haidas. The rich culture and landscape of Canada will leave you wanting for more.

7. Finland
Get excited to see the Northern Lights in your trip to Finland while enjoying the view from an igloo.

8. Austria
Vienna’s famed Musikverein’s Golden hall will bring sweet music to your ears with a combination of chocolate Sacher torte, your trip will be a mouth watering experience.

9. Iceland
Take a dip at the country’s Blue Lagoon and then head for an adventure to Snafellsjokull National park and be awed with the views of breath taking glaciers and mountain tops.

10. Australia
Wrapping up the tenth spot is Australia. The Australian waters hold the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Great Barrier Reef. This is a must see 344,400 kilometer stretch of coral reefs teeming with marine life.

How ISIS Lures The Youths Of The West

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For the past months since the extremist group ISIS came into power in Iraq and Syria, several Westerners have joined the group. So what prompted these young promising individuals to leave behind a great career and future and join the terror group?

Recently a group of Westerners joined the ISIS. These were medical students coming from America, Great Britain and Canada. This story is not new. Several young people give up their comfortable lives in the democratic West to join the terrorist group that forcefully declared itself as the governing body of the Islamic state in the Middle East.

Last February, it was also reported that three teenage girls from United Kingdom were en route to Syria in hopes of joining the radical group. There was no news that followed regarding the whereabouts of the three girls.

To date, at least 3,400 Westerners have already made their way to Iraq or Syria to take part in the cause of ISIS. This data was given by the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Nicholas Rasmussen.
Given the overwhelming statistics, one cannot deny that ISIS has been successful in their campaign to lure the Westerners in joining them. How did they do this?

ISIS has eyes on the new generation

Most of the recruits of ISIS are young, vigorous, ambitious and adventurous teenagers trying to find their purpose in life and trying to make a unique mark.

ISIS campaigns to find new recruits by painting a picture of camaraderie, purposeful endeavor and respect. This propaganda is designed to boost the group’s self esteem and attract friends, colleagues and random teenagers to join the cause. An inviting adventure trip sets the trap for most of these youngsters.

What is even more alarming is that there are many recruits of the group that come from well off families and are educated. One recruit, Abu Anwar from Britain said that he had a good life in his hometown. Life was easy. He had a car and grew up in a middle class family. The problem was that you cannot practice the religion of Islam freely in Britain. He further pressed that he sees evil around him: homosexuality, rape, pedophiles and other crimes. For him, joining ISIS would be the most logical step to solve these societal problems.

Losing Weight And Beating Food Cravings This Christmas

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Weight loss during Christmas, as well as keeping track of how many calories are consumed, can be hard. Laura Clark, a nutritionist and dietitian, offers diet advice and weight loss tips.

Advice for dieters in the upcoming holidays

A new research conducted by Yokebe Active Food discovered that about 86% of the women in the United Kingdom have attempted a diet, but they are still unhappy with their size. And with the people consuming an additional 20,000 calories during December, it is no longer a surprise that the festive season is the hardest for dieters.

Clark, who has also worked on the hit TV show The Biggest Loser, gave a few advices for people hoping to stick to healthy eating plans in the upcoming holidays.

She mentioned that a person’s dieting willpower likely falls out of the window during Christmas. For her, it is important to be aware of the biggest festive food culprits and where most calories are concealing it, so that control can be maintained over what food are eaten.

Socializing is where a lot of people make mistakes, and Clark said that for many people, alcohol is their weakness. According to her, there are more calories in wine, contained in a medium sized glass, compared to turkey and vegetable combined.

She added that it is better to go with a gin and slimline tonic, white wine spritzer, or vodka lime and soda to save hundreds of calories during the festive season.

For the Christmas dinner, she advised to practice mindful eating and do away with sauces, such as bread sauce, gravy or brandy butter, and cut out condiments.

For a low fat substitute, she mentioned to drain juices from meat by adding ice cubes, as fat sticks to ice cubes, so fat can be removed after solidification.

She continued that the most crucial thing for the holidays is to focus on what can be controlled, and to realize that gaining weight is unavoidable.


And when weight has been gained, there is an HCG supplement available online to help one lose weight safely aside from exercising and eating healthy.

Less Risks Of Dying After A Heart Surgery For An Obese Individual

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The British Heart Foundation funded a research and it revealed that it is wrong to deny people surgery because they happen to be overweight because they are less likely to die in the hospital after a heart surgery compared to people who have healthy weight. In fact, patients who are underweight must try to gain weight prior to heart surgery.

A team from the University of Leicester gathered data from 400,000 adults in the UK and Ireland. The adults have undergone cardiac surgery between 2002 and 2013. They were categorized into different weight categories and their body mass index (BMI).

The study revealed that 11,511 patients died in the hospital and this includes 4.4% of patients who had healthy weight compared to only 2.8% of patients who were overweight and 2.7% under the obese category. The results of the study which were published in the journal Circulation also stated that 8.5% of the patients who were underweight died in the hospital.

According to Gavin Murphy, a BHF professor of cardiac surgery from the University of Leicester, there was a 25% reduction in deaths due to being overweight as opposed to those who were underweight. The results change the basic approach that patients should try to lose weight before surgery. Traditionally, it was believed that obese people are unfit for surgery but this is contradicted by the results of the study.

The study also confirms the existence of the controversial obesity paradox wherein obesity is considered as the cause of illnesses like heart disease. It is surprising but obesity has certain protective effects when one undergoes heart surgery. The excess weight carried by an individual reduces the chances of complications or death after the surgery and before leaving the hospital. However, having a healthy waistline will significantly reduce the risk of having heart disease.

If you maintain an ideal weight, you need not worry that someday you will be undergoing heart surgery. The best option to lose weight without too much effort is to combine HCG drops with a healthy low calorie diet so that the boy can release the stored fat from the bloodstream and burn it as energy.