Blockchain To Change The World?

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If you are not in the loop yet then you must know that blockchain is already here and that it is going to save the world. If you are not in any way aware of the existence of the said community, you might not be aware of how this technology can save everything. If you are not familiar with blockchain, you might have heard about the leading digital currency which is the bitcoin. It has been in existence for a while now but it has only been recognized since it gained popularity and boomed in 2014.

As of today, many consider the bitcoin not as important as the engine that is responsible in the operation of the network – the blockchain. It was developed in order to answer the underlying issue that have been presented to the digital devotees for many years – how to produce a digital asset without the need for an authority from a central governing body that is responsible in tracking the properties owned by anyone involved.

The issue was then solved through the proposition of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the bitcoin hiding behind a pseudo-name. He accomplished it by creating a digital ledger that is decentralized. The ledger is keeping records of all the transactions that are done and because the accuracy is a guarantee then it made sure that there is no cheating and loss in the whole network.

The operation works by making computers spend a lot of computing power as a proof that the transaction is secured and then that block is marked as trustworthy and included in the ledger. Of course it is possible to cheat the network but a lot of computing power is required. It would mean spending more energy compared to the total energy that is spent by honest users.

Of all the existing technology, bitcoin is the very first to employ the use of blockchain technology. The main purpose in the creation of blockchain was to record all the bitcoin transactions but it can also be employed as a distributed ledger for just about anything. As long as the transactin is recorded in a digital manner then it can also be recorded in the blockchain.

The Upward Trend Of Thailand’s Real Estate Industry

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According to Asian Review, last year approximately 7.5 million Chinese travelled to Thailand. This is more than any nationality that chose Thailand as their vacation destination. Investors are also flocking to Thailand to take advantage of cheap holidays and real estate investments. Asian buyer accounted for 80% of the total sales to foreigners in Thailand. The number of Asian investors from Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China has surged to 140% last year.

Why is Thailand so in demand to foreign travelers? People love the beaches and street food including the warm welcome from the local Thais. The beauty of Thailand’s environment as well as the affordability of entertainment and other amenities has led to the tremendous growth of Thailand’s real estate industry. The industry is enjoying between 8 and 10 returns from rental income of holiday homes.

The world is suffering from economic crisis but surprisingly, the real estate industry of Thailand is still on an upward trend. In fact property prices in Bangkok have increased by 30% over the last four years because people consider the city as a good location for an investment. Chinese tourists are travelling to Thailand and the real estate market expects new gains. Chinese investors are taking advantage of their strong currency and close proximity to Thailand to invest in second homes.

Even five-star hotel chains are investing heavily in Thailand in anticipation of tourism growth. Ritz Carlton is starting construction of its beach projects while W Hotel, Six Senses and Four Seasons are doing extremely well from their accommodations. This year, the average housing project in Greater Bangkok costs about 3.542 million baht compared to the price of 2.718 million in 2008. A total of 44,846 new are currently under construction with a combined worth of 158.81 million baht. The entire island of Thailand has also improved its services for the tourism industry making it more profitable for businesses.

If you are visitor in Thailand searching for condo for rent Bangkok, you have a wide range of choice. Many foreigners are investing in condo units because it is legal for them to do so and these units are often leased to visitors to gain a monthly income.

Mobile App Launched For Tracking Great White Shark

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Residents in the northeast that visits the beach frequently have at some point experienced seeing a shark. These sightings can now be easily shared with the help of a mobile app which will sent the update not just to the person’s friends but to scientists as well.

Sharktivity is the latest mobile app that was developed in order for users to properly track sharks by marking the locations where they are spotted along the coast. Submission of the user’s own sighting is also possible with the app.

The app is not just any tracking app because there is a certain science followed in the tracking of the great whale shark. Sharktivity is an app developed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. This organization is based in Massachusetts and is a nonprofit organization that operates by protecting the existing white sharks which is also referred to as great whites. Another developer responsible in creating the app is Gregory Skomal who is a marine biologist and has experience in working at the Division of Marine Fisheries of the state for around 29 years.

Skomal, together with his team, will inspect every submission of sightings through the app. The app will also show the place where around 80 sharks that already tagged by researchers is located. As of the meantime, the app is only available for all users of iPhone devices.

According to the president of the conservancy, Cynthia Wigren, majority of the people that are visiting the beach have smartphones with them and with the app the information will be transmitted faster. She also added that the app will not only benefit the people going to the beach but boaters and fishermen as well and pilots that are travelling the East Coast.

On a statement released by the chief ranger of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Leslie Reynolds, before the development of this app, the lifeguards and the emergency responders will only receive information of any shark sighting after it has happened. The advantage of mobile app development in Singapore and in any parts of the world is that everything happens in real time.

Find A Job With These Helpful Job Hunting Tips

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While there are numerous job opportunities out there for you to find, finding an actual job and getting hired would definitely be a challenge especially if it is the first time you are applying for one. There are many factors that may affect employment. First is the state of the economy. If the economy isn’t doing well, chances are employment will be hard to come by and it would be a lot harder for you to find a job. Experience also plays a big role in employment. Most employers are looking for experienced individuals and because of this inexperienced applicants are always at a disadvantage. However, once you get hired, know that job applications in the future will be much easier as you already have the experience to back you up.

If you need help finding a job, here are some job hunting tips that may help you out.

  1. There are a lot of people who had gotten their jobs with the help of other people. With this, don’t be afraid to seek out the help of your family, relatives, friends, and other people that you know.
  2. The Internet has greatly changed the way people live their lives. Ever since its conception, it gradually became a big part of people’s everyday living. People use the Internet almost every day even for the most menial of tasks. The Internet has made life a bit much easier and the same thing could be said when it comes to job hunting. With just a click of a mouse, you’d be able to search for job openings online. You can even join jobsites where you can go look for open positions or post your CV that can potentially attract employers. By doing the latter, you can save time and effort.
  3. Always stay positive. Don’t take it hard if you get rejected a couple of times. Remember, once you’ve found that job that you want and get hired, all of the rejections and failures of the past would be compensated.

Remember that job hunting is a skill in itself and you only need to be consistent in order to find that job bkk that you’ve been yearning for.

Launching Of A New Motorcycle Model Called Light Rider

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The light rider motorcycle is meant to be used by people who wanted to ride but if you desire to carry it then you can do so! This is because the motorbike resembles a skeleton and only weighs about 77 pounds. In order to have a better idea of how light it is, let us take into consideration the BMW GS weighing about 550 pounds. A Harley Davidson Fatboy, on the other hand, weighs around 725 pounds.

The Light Rider’s design is different from the way typical motorcycles are designed. According to Stefanus Stahl who is one of the designer at APWorks, the company that is a subsidiary of the German Airbus and is responsible in designing the Light Rider, the design was focused on their aim to create a motorcycle that resembles a bike when it comes to noise and weight but resembles a motorbike’s speed as well as stability. The Light Rider was able to achieve the balance because it was made using 3D printing and the frame is made of aluminum-alloy materials. The end result is that the motorbike looks like it is made of metallic bones in a webbed structure. If you look very closely then you will be able to see the mechanics inside the bike in between the frame. This is much like seeing human organs beyond the ribcage.

The funky form of Light Rider was achieved because of the latest technique referred to as generative design. This is currently an emerging field that involves architecture as well as product design. The typical job of designing something is used to be tasked upon the designers until the prototype is made by the designer himself but with the generative design, the prototyping is done with the help of a computer algorithm. According to Jordan Brandt who works at Autodesk and is one of the pioneers in generative design, generative design modifies the design for you in order to overcome the problems and reach the desired goals. If you think motorcycle parts are expensive then you should know that this beauty costs $56,500.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Plumber

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If there is one thing that you need to know about plumbing systems, it’s that they are highly complex where there is a system for distributing water, for waste disposal, for your HVAC and even your heaters. For this reason, you should always take care of your plumbing. Your plumbing plays a great role in your household but most people don’t understand this. In fact, the plumbing system is probably one of the most ignored parts of the house and this ignorance or neglect has often led to numerous plumbing problems.

When dealing with plumbing problems, you often get the choice to do the repairs yourself or you could hire a professional plumber. Most of the time, common plumbing problems are easy to fix and even you yourself would be able to fix them. But when doing DIY plumbing work, you must first consider the severity of the problem and when you determine that it is too complicated for you to work on, it’s definitely time to bring in the big guns. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional plumber.

  1. They come with all the right equipment. Professional plumbers would always have the right equipment in their arsenal. They are always updated with new technologies and they know how to effectively utilize these tools in order to put a solution to your plumbing problems.
  2. They solve problems permanently. When you try to do the fixing yourself, chances are you won’t be able to do an effective job and while you may fix it for the mean time, the problem may resurface in the future. But with professional plumbers, you are guaranteed that the problem will be fixed permanently as plumbers use effective solutions.
  3. They’re professionally trained. What’s great about hiring plumbers is that you don’t just hire men to solve your plumbing woes you also hire their knowledge, their training and their experience.
  4. They offer other services. Aside from emergency plumbing services, plumbers are also able to provide other services like pipe or heater replacements.

If you are looking for highly competent plumbers in Bristol, you should try Richards Plumbing Services.