Where To Get Designs For Frameless Shower Screen

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If you want to make your house or business establishment modern in appearance, make sure that all of its aspects would look modern from the design, decorations and even the structure. One of the aspects that you should put emphasis on is your bathroom. There are so many bathroom designs that you can adapt in order to make your bathroom’s appearance modern. This includes frameless shower screen for your bathroom. If you want to have one of those shower screens made of glass but are not sure how and where you will get ideas, take a look at the following suggestions.

The internet

One of the best and most comprehensive sources of ideas is the internet. The good thing about the internet is that it offers information from all over the world so you would have an idea what goes on in other parts of the world in terms of bathroom designs. The internet will also tell you of the most in demand shower screens in the most fashionable countries in the world. The internet also holds websites that offers affordable products especially those that are offered at discount price. The good thing about internet sources is that they offer inclusive information of the website starting from the physical address, contact information and photos of previous jobs.

Home magazines

Another excellent source of frameless shower screen is coffee table magazines. There are also home magazines that can be easily found in bookstores and magazine shops where you can get inspiration. The good thing about magazines is that you can refer to them any time and you can easily show the photos to the installer.

Actual bathrooms

For more ideas of frameless shower screen, take notice of what you see inside the bathroom of posh hotels, the bathrooms of high end malls and commercial areas and of the actual bathrooms of your friends, colleagues and relatives. Get ideas from all possible sources, gather the ideas together until you finally get the best idea that will suit the overall design of your house including the design that can accommodate your space.

Good News For The Smart Home Industry In Egypt

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After a long day of working, you drive to your place and the light automatically turns on as you come out of the car. Without fumbling for your house keys, the front door then opens for you. Your air conditioning system is already on and the house is in the temperature you desire because you have set it 30 minutes before arriving. You will then be welcomed by your favorite television show. This routine can be easily changed with just a simple tweak on an app. With this, you don’t need any servants and you will only need your phone. Having a smart home means that you have various invisible staff inside the house which is comprised of wireless communications, computer programs as well as motion sensors.

If you are living in the United States then home automation is not a new subject because of the reputation of the country in being the world capital of everything. Back in 1970s, there are already automatic lights available on the market. These can be turned on and off with the use of a timer. People got tired of pushing a single button for their morning coffee thus companies invented a coffee machine that starts brewing minutes before you wake up. Security systems are now installed not just to scare the intruders but the alarm the police at the same time. When the 21st century entered, universal remotes are as small as paperbacks. Nowadays, you can access everything through your home screen.

Egypt is now starting to see the rise of home automation in the country after its stall which lasted for five years because of the political climate and the economic problem that is inflicting the country. There are now a number of small startup companies that offer installation of systems for home automation in Egypt. These are advertised as systems that are fully customizable, hack-proof ad reliable. According to the chairman and founder of Sphere Smart Solutions, Wael Refaat, they are not just marketing a product but rather offering an experience to the consumers. Analysts are already predicting that the market for smart home will be twice in 2020 but as they say, nothing is set in stone.

Uber’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Giveaways

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It’s the season of giving once again and what more can you do but give or receive. Either way, you would have a smile on your face and put one on someone else’s face for the act. For Uber, they are giving away free Ugly Christmas Sweater in five cities in America. Ugly Christmas sweaters will be given to lucky Uber app users in Boston, Denver, New York, Chicago and Dallas. The ugly sweater will have the name of the city knitted at the front portion. The process is easy. Here’s how it goes:

1. Open the Uber app on your phone then go to the Promotions tab.
2. You will be asked for a promo code. Enter “ELVESBOS16” if you are from Boston, “ELVESDEN16” if you are from Denver. The pattern is just like that for other participating cities. If what you have is the new Uber app, go to the Payment tab instead of Promotions tab then put in the promo code.
3. After you typed in the promo code, you will see the custom Ugly Christmas Sweater vehicle option on the app page.
4. You will get a confirmation that you have successfully connected to Uber’s promo.
5. Wait for the delivery of Ugly Sweater right on your doorstep.

Additional information:

• The promo will run for 5 days. Uber will be giving away different items per day. Ugly Sweater will be given on Thursday, 8th of December.
• The stocks are limited so you need to hurry and connect to Uber right away, send in the promo to get as many as two Ugly Sweaters this season from Uber.
• There are only three sizes available. For women, the only available size is medium while men will only get large and extra large. No other sizes are available.
• The promo runs from 11am until 4pm.
• The sweater will be delivered right to your doorstep by one of the Uber drivers so you don’t have to go anywhere to get your Ugly Christmas Sweater.
• Offer runs while supplies last.

A Customer’s Guide To Thailand Health Retreat Resorts

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Finding a Thailand health retreat is not that difficult. However, finding the right one is where the challenge lies. Here are some guides on how you can find a nice resort where you can have an unforgettable vacation while detoxifying your body and relaxing your mind. Take a look at these ideas.

Search online

One of the best and most convenient ways for you to find all the information that you could possibly need are stored and can be found online. To find the right resort in Thailand, optimize the search engine by using keywords that will lead you to the websites. The search engine result will yield a long list of potential resorts that offer health retreat venues. The challenge now is how you are going to choose the right one. You can check the facilities, compare costs and check customer reviews and other ways to help you arrive at a decision.

Check online ratings sites

Since you have no way of knowing how the resort for your target Thailand health retreat delivers their services, the only thing you can do is rely on what previous customers have to say about the resort you are seriously considering. There are several venues for you to find out more about the resort you have in mind. One of these is to check on third party sites that provide ratings to different hotels in the area. Ratings are given to how the resort satisfies their customers, ratings are also given to room accommodations and facilities, food, services and other important aspects. You can also check on forums and discussion boards to find out what customers have to say about your target health retreat spot.

Ask your friends and network

Lastly, you can find the best Thailand health retreat venue by asking your friends in Thailand for recommendations. If you have friends who have been in Thailand, they can surely recommend a resort or two or talk out of choosing a resort that you were seriously considering. Personal experience by friends can be a good source of information for you.

How To Hire Pattaya Real Estate Agents

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A lot of Pattaya real estate agents are willing to help you out in dealing with your property to potential buyers or renters. They would offer their services and if you are quick to hire a real estate agent, you might not get the best service or worse, you could have a bad experience in disposing your property. To ensure that you would have an optimum professional experience with a real estate agent, take a look at the following clues.

Check the license

Real estate agents are required to undergo training and pass a qualifying exam in order to be considered a professional agent. They also need to undergo hours of training and gather experience in the field for them to be certified. If the real estate agent is certified, find out if the license is still valid and if the real estate agent is qualified to operate in the area. You can check this information from the local organizations and bodies that certifies real estate agents.

Check the professional experience

The years of professional experience of Pattaya real estate agents will give you an idea of the kind of service you will get from them. Experience guarantees skills and negotiating expertise of the real estate agent. With the right educational background, you can be sure that your property or house will be sold right away at your desired amount. You should also ask for the number of houses or properties sold by the agent including the number of sellers he is currently representing. Another information that you might want to ask is if the real estate agent is full time in the field or is only working part-time. This will give you the time the agent puts in to sell properties. Full time agents have higher chance to sell properties.

Ask for character reference

Another thing that you might want to do when hiring Pattaya real estate agents is asking for character references that you can possibly ask or obtain information from. Find out if the agent is professional in his dealings and with good and honest reputation.


Common Traps Used In Content Marketing

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Sometimes brands commit the same mistake in content marketing by creating more noise rather than fulfilling the satisfaction of their audiences. Agencies now have a lot of competition in other creative bodies such as the publishers, management consultancies and many other organizations.

An event was hosted by Digiday in order to gather in one place all of the top brands together with agencies and publishers that are responsible in their content marketing. The event was only for a day and it was held in London to talk about the issues and opportunities that these groups are facing. With the words of Tom Curtis who is the head of the marketing division in MediaCom, many threats are headed at them from different angles.

The event was called WTF Content Marketing and the participating brands and companies are HP, TUI, BP and Nissan. The agency experts that are there included Ogilvy & Mather, McCann and Karmarama. They discussed the challenges they have encountered in terms of new technologies, measurement, internal organization, distribution and influencers.

During the event, important issues were discussed and the highlights include:

– It is not easy to perform an internal reorganization. According to the Rachel Hawkes who is group social head of TUI, a holiday and travel brand, their company is now talking more about a centralized approach when it comes to content creation because it is common for companies with international teams to face problems such as duplication of work.
– Platform panic is something to be cautious of. BP, an oil company, said that there are seven audiences that would be interested in their content marketing which involves oils and some of these are customers, prospective employees, local communities and the government. These audiences will not be accessed with a single platform thus choosing the right one is important.
– The up and coming brand experience involve bots. According to Ogilvy & Mather’s head of innovation, James Whatley, bots will play a big role in terms of content marketing in the future since it is already being used by companies in other applications.
– There are still problems when it comes to ROI linking. Linking sales and content marketing is still one of the issues brands are facing nowadays and they are still exploring this area.