Safety First Before Attempting To Clean A Flooded Basement

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If your basement becomes flooded, it is important to consider your safety. Don’t just wade into the water because you might get electrocuted. You will be frustrated with the mess but everything can be straightened out by professional cleaning services including domestic carpet cleaning.

What to do if your basement is flooded

If your basement is full of water, your carpets are not only ruined; they are infested with harmful bacteria. Do not risk your life and health, call domestic carpet cleaning.

When water mixes with electrical outlets and appliances, there is a high potential for electrocution. Stay out of the water until it recedes. Your life is more important than your appliances.

It is not only the electrical system you should be wary of. Storm water usually contains sewage and it can become contaminated. If you cannot resist from cleaning the basement, make sure to use boots and gloves and ensure that contaminated water does not touch your exposed skin.

After a severe storm, expect cleaning services to be fully booked. If you are going to require their help, call different cleaning services so that your name will be listed. This will increase your chances of getting help.

If the carpet is ruined and contaminated with bacteria, it is usually best to pitch it. This will also be the suggestion of domestic carpet cleaning services because bacteria can stay even after the carpet is dry.

Walls can be wiped dry but a couple inches of water can seep into the drywall. Professional cleaning services will usually do a “dry cut” up to 24 inches from the floor to make sure that will be no mold growth. After a flood, molds can spread on the walls within the next 36 to 48 hours.

You will be better off calling the cleaning services because the walls may appear dry but underneath they could be wet. Your walls can become the perfect breeding ground of molds.

The health department recommends scrubbing all surfaces that have come into contact with flood water with a solution of ¼ cup household bleach to a gallon of water. Wet clothing and beddings must be machine washed.

Be wary of people who will offer help in exchange for cash.

8-Year Old Tourist Finds Loaded Glock In Capitol Hill Bathrooms

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Normally, what you can find inside a bathroom, whether it is a public bathroom or a residential one, are amenities that came from Bathrooms and More Store but just recently, an 8-year old tourist found a loaded Glock inside a bathroom at Capitol Hill. The main purpose of bathrooms is to provide comfort to various people every time their natural bodily processes demand them for a release. It is also mostly used for personal hygiene. But in this case, the bathroom was used for something else, something very dangerous.

In the last few months, the police at Capitol Hill have recorded at least three cases wherein their officers have mistakenly left their loaded guns in the bathroom. According to the media, two of the reported missing guns were discovered office of the Capitol complex itself. One was accidentally left at one of the bathrooms at the Capitol Visitors Center and was found wedged into a toilet seat cover dispenser. The other one was found and picked up by an 8-year old kid who was touring the office of Speaker John Boehner along with his parents.
The third Glock on the other hand was found lying publicly or in the open at the Capitol Police HQ.

The alarming part of this story is how an 8-year old kid was the one to discover the gun. Accidents do happen and most of the time they are inevitable but this case is truly dangerous since the gun was loaded and a kid was the one who found it. Who knew what would have happened if the kid wasn’t mature enough to handle such a situation. What would’ve happened if he played with the gun? He could have hurt or killed himself and worse, he could’ve hurt others along with him.

People should also consider the situation in which an adult found the gun and kept it for himself. There is no telling what it might have been used for.

The sad part is that these are only three of the cases that were reported by the police and that there could’ve been more.

The New Trends In Landscaping

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As a contractor, you need to know what the new trends in the landscaping industry are. You need to talk with your customers and ask them their preferences. There are also sorts of demand for pavers. Paving have become one of the niche in the landscaping industry that people delicately took notice of.

There is a demand as well for rock-faced block pavers. People love this kind of paver. Concrete pavers and driveways are also what people are looking for. According to landscape artists, the new ones are a lot better than those manufactured ten years ago. The one we have in the market now will perhaps become the standard.

On different projects, architects and designers alike use various paving products. For example, in an area in front of the lake, these designers use natural stone to build a wall. Then further up the hillside, they built rock faced block walls which led to an outdoor fireplace. The fireplace was made of cement pavers. The designers then incorporated staircases into the design. Walking along the staircases will make you feel one with nature until you find a patio. The material used for the staircases were from the rock faced block. Pavers were set up in between them and the retaining wall on the other end. Rock faced pavers and other pavers were mixed together to give it an exciting look.

One of the artists take into consideration when doing their masterpiece was the lighting. When you build an expensive and beautiful backyard, you would want people to see it not just during daytime but also when the sun is out. So you need to hang the lights. In a survey made, respondents checked lighting as a top consideration when doing landscaping. Lighting does a huge difference in a space. Take for example an outdoor kitchen that was built several years ago. You can place great lighting on the trees surrounding it, on the walls and the house windows. It will give a surreal effect.

Great design and architecture is all about creating a great feeling when in the area. It is very important therefore to give careful thought to details of the project.

Malaysia Cuts Electricity Tariff

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The global supply of electricity has always been an important issue and a topic that draws consumers in. Electricity has become one of the fundamental needs of human beings. A steady supply of this power is needed for things to run smoothly in this sophisticated world. Electricians and electrical services of companies are also sought after these days. One would need the assistance and skills of a professional in installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems be it in households, office buildings or stadiums.

In order to efficiently provide electricity to consumers, power generators and distributors worldwide have been in constant research and development of ways that will lower the cost of electricity as well as provide clean and safe electricity to end users.

Recently some Asian countries have announced that they will be cutting off their electricity tariffs. Among those are Singapore and Malaysia. The Minister of Energy of Malaysia was recently quoted announcing via Bloomberg that Green Technology and Water will be cutting off electricity tariffs. This pronouncement is effective March 1 until June 30.

What contributed to Malaysia’s lowered electricity tariff? The electricity generation costs of Malaysia have significantly lowered since coal was used.

In accordance with a report from Malaysian authorities, the cuts in Peninsula Malaysia amounted to an average of 2.25s en/kWh. In the Sabah and Labuan areas, the cut amounted to an average of 1.20s en/kWh. The cuts projected are for both the commercial and industrial users. The domestic consumers will also be enjoying the lowered tariffs if they use more than 300kWH.

According to the spokesperson in Malaysia, the tariff cuts represent an average of 5.8 percent for those paying 38.53s en/kWh and an average of 3.5 percent cut for those paying the amount 34.52s en/kWh.

With this report, it is still not clear whether there will be a fiscal impact as it is likely that the government will pass the savings on cost to the consumers.

The report is also unlikely to materially affect the inflation assessment made by Bank Negara Malaysia. Experts are expecting no changes in the rates this year. The CPI weight of the electrical sector is only 2.88 percent thus it will not have direct impact on inflation.

Turnkey Homes Are Becoming More Popular, Especially With The Youth

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With today’s modern age and thinking, even the younger generation are taking it up on themselves to own their own homes. You can see a number of young people checking out display homes for sale or looking for a decent home from the listings. More and more of them are turning to staying with their parents for a little while longer until they had saved enough money to move out on their own instead of having to rent. .

A new trend now is the turnkey home and they are quickly gaining ground as their popularity continues to exist. If you do not know what a turnkey home is, then you only need to take it literally because it is a home where you need only turn the key.

There are many reasons why turnkey homes are becoming very popular especially with the younger generation.

The first one would be the fact that they are all brand new. Many people today are opting to buy brand new homes so that they would be free of the burden of repairing the damages that might come with previously-owned houses. If the builder is a trusted one, then you can even have a home backed by a builder’s warranty.

The next reason is that most turnkey homes are built next to another turnkey homes and it is likely that your neighbor would have the same mindset as you and in turn could even make you the best of friends.

Another benefit from turnkey homes is that budgeting is made easier and better. Everything would be in its proper price from the beginning and that you would not have to worry about out of pocket expenses.

The most important reason probably is that turnkey homes are somewhat of a breeze for first time home buyers. Buying a turnkey home would save you from all the hard work and frustration you might get from building a house. Turnkey homes will allow you the luxury of giving all the hard work to the builders.

The only problem with them is that with their popularity, the competition would be very tight and it would be difficult to decide which builder to choose.

Entrepreneur Aims to Build Demand For Baskets All Year Round

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Baskets are very popular during certain occasions wherein you could customize them and use them for that occasion. During these times, basket brands like Paper Mart baskets, demand is impressively high.

Unfortunately, the demand will not remain high all the time. On normal days, the demand for baskets may decline a little. But in Brunswick, OH, one entrepreneur aims to change that.

Deborah Wasylko owns Baskets Galore found in the Brunswick Town Center. There, she offers personalized baskets that people can use in many different occasions.
Wasylko says that they want to help the people bring the basics of gift giving and also finding a way to gift or reward someone, may it be a client or a team member. She also said that people love the act of opening boxes and the surprise that come along with it.

Wasylko first started Baskets Galore as a home business back in 2003. During its beginnings, Baskets Galore most of the time served corporate clients. The company has about six part-time employees with Wasylko’s family helping out as well.
Wasylko graduated from John Carroll University and holds an MBA. She had a corporate job as a quality engineer but she left that job and entered the world of business instead. This has become her full time job.

She says that the main reason as to why she quit her job is because they wanted her to relocate but she couldn’t leave her mother who was in need of care that is why she chose to establish her own business instead.

Baskets Galore has designed baskets for many companies including Sherwin-Williams, Parker Hannifin, FirstMerit, Westfield Insurance and RPM. Wasylko has also worked with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Indians.

To personalize her gift baskets, Wasylko and Baskets Galore use more than 350 items and creating the perfect basket suited for a certain event.
In terms of budget, she says that her staff is able to work on any budget.
In her store, Wasylko says that they are also offering ready-to-give baskets for occasions like birthdays and other milestones.