Boosting Sales During The Holiday Seasons

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The Christmas season is now breezing in and if you want to boost your income for this month, you need to consider some marketing ideas that go beyond the displays in your window. Here are some marketing tips for you:

  • Start a contest. You might have heard that contests are great marketing tools for any kind of business. Engaging your customers in competitions is a sure way to increase sales. Whether you will run a photo competition in social media or through SMS participation, staging contests is a sure way of getting people to talk about your brand.
  • Announce an exclusive sale of your products through email. Christmas time is the season that is deemed to slash the process of typically almost any product under the sun. You can inform your valued customers about your company sale where they can check out and which is not available to anybody else but only to them. The exclusivity of the information of your information about the product sale will make your items much more desirable and that people will feel honored and special and will feel a sense of appreciation for what you have done.
  • Reward your very loyal customers with gift checks or cards. Rewarding customers who have continuously patronized your store for several years is a great way of saying happy holidays and thank you to them. A tremendous idea in giving back to the customers will be to give them gift cards. You can place the gift cards in a card which is delivered straight to their doorway or better yet inform them and send them an email stating that their card is waiting for collection in your store. This is a fail-safe technique to get people to your store while at the same time boosting the loyalty of your customers.
  • Give away some Christmas Cheer. One great way to attract people through the store of your day is to give them something that is truly festive. This could be as simple as giving out free candy panes or hot chocolate or you can have an employee dress up as Santa or you can have an employee wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

Water Testing In Auburn Reveals High Lead Content

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Water testing on household plumbing around Auburn revealed that there is a high lead content which is not expected by the officials from the water district. As a result, they are forced to do more testing after.

This year’s routine testing that was conducted in the city has shown some unexpected result including a high lead level of 23 parts per billion in the plumbing system. According to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, it is mandatory that water consumed in the household should have a safe level set at 15 parts per billion or lower.

From a statement released by Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority’s water quality manager, Mary Jane Dillingham, the agency have the right to test things if found out to be violating mandatory rules but they do not have the authority to tell household owners how to do their plumbing.

Dillingham revealed that it is mandatory for Auburn to conduct water testing in 30 random homes once in every 3 years to check for levels of both copper and lead. The lead level in Auburn during the last testing which was conducted in 2012 showed only 9 parts per billion.

A high copper level indicates that the household plumbing is starting to corrode and Auburn has shown how the city is below the federal limit set both in 2012 and 2015 result. Following the rules set by EPA, the high level of lead found for this year’s testing is a big reason to conduct more thorough water testing. The water district is therefore required to extract water samples of one-liter in 60 homes in the city that have been preselected. This should be done once for the first half of 2016 while another sample will again be collected during the second half of next year.

The new schedule set for accelerated water testing will remain in place until results revealed that the lead score is down to 15 parts per billion or lower, as per the limit.

To prevent this, homeowners should have proper plumbing installed and old ones should be replaced. For residents near Sheffield, contact Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage.

Are You Sure Your Boiler Will Survive The Winter?

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A boiler breakdown this winter can be a nightmare which means you probably need to buy a new one. However, don’t just rush out to buy a new boiler without knowing several important facts. Boilers have a life span of at least 15 years. However, the older they get, the more they become inefficient in heating the home that is why you spend more for the same results.

On the other hand, if the boiler is properly maintained, it can remain efficient in spite of its age. But if you keep on calling for boiler repair, it means you have to buy a replacement. To know the right type of boiler to purchase, it is important to know beforehand the different types of boiler in the market.

  • In the UK, the most popular type of boiler is the combi boiler because it provides both central heating and hot water. Combi boilers are not cumbersome because they do not have a hot water cylinder. The downside is tricky boiler installation and there is a possibility to run out of hot water when two or more taps are open.
  • The system boiler is also called the sealed boiler that comes with a hot water cylinder but without a water tank. Hot water is provided from multiple sources at the same time but not instantly.
  • Conventional boilers are open vents with both the cylinder and water tank. Hot water is available from different taps simultaneously but when it runs out, you have to wait for the water to reheat.

If you are going to replace an inefficient G boiler with A-rated boiler with a full set of heating controls, you can save as much as £340 and 1,500 kg of carbon annually. If you buy a £1500 boiler, it would take about 4 ½ years to pay it off from the savings your make.

Before, you consider new boiler installations, it is also important to consider the amount of space you have. A small house will be better off with a combi model that does not require a hot water cylinder. Get quotes for boiler installations before you sign up for a new boiler.

Looking To Open A Restaurant? Get To Know These Restaurant Types First

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Starting a restaurant business would require patience, dedication, hard work and long hours of unpaid work. Because of these, people are often discouraged to start their own restaurant businesses but what they don’t know is that restaurants are probably the safest choice of business they can enter. Not only will they be surrounded by food, they’re also opening themselves to various opportunities. But if you do plan to enter the restaurant business, then it is important that you know what type of restaurant you want to open.

Here is an overview of the different types of restaurants that you can open.

  • Fast Food Restaurant. Fast food restaurants are definitely the most popular type of restaurants. Have you ever heard about McDonald’s? What about KFC? Well, they’re all well-known fast food chains, the same with Burger King. In the 1950s, fast food chains became a hit with the public and up till today, people still love to visit them. If you are thinking about franchising, remember that it is more expensive than if you open an independent restaurant.
  • Fast Casual Dining. This is a more upscale version of fast food restaurants. Dishes and flatware are often disposable but the food is presented in an upscale way.
  • The difference between regular restaurants and cafes is that in cafes, you would have to order your food from the counter and would then have to serve yourself. Coffee, espresso and pastries are often the items sold in cafes. This type of restaurant provides a casual and unhurried atmosphere.
  • Pubs originate in Europe, particularly Great Britain, dating back to God knows when. They are very popular and often serving beer and other liquor. They may also offer full menus and appetizers.
  • Family/Casual Style Dining. This type of restaurant offers moderately priced meals perfect for the family and groups. In the US, casual style dining is considered as one of the largest markets. They can come in any number of themes, from the best Indian restaurants Perth or Asian, Italian and French.
  • Fine Dining. Fine dining restaurants are more upscale, offering not only mouthwatering meals but elegance and quality service too. Food here is fairly expensive and the chefs are often trained professionals.

Developing Your Property Investment Portfolio

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Building a house for property development is a very efficient and smart way in increasing your much desired property investment portfolio. There are blocks and several stretches of older suburbs in Perth. Property and home owners in these parts of Australia are sitting on a very huge and unique opportunity. More and more people are now realizing that their backyard is an investment opportunity. Most property owners are now choosing to capitalize on the extra space in the land that they own by building another structure on the spare space.

Indeed, one of the most common and affordable property projects today that is undertaken by home owners in Western Australia is building a house which is behind house property development.

Why there is a need to build a house that is behind a housing property development? There are several strategic advantages of a house behind house which will provide for an excellent looking investment portfolio. If you plan on renting out your completed house-behind-house property, it will allow you to generate additional income. Consequently, if you have more than one property located on the same block, it will generally increase the equity in your real estate property. Or, you may also choose to sell your original property and then move in to the new house that you have constructed. This move will give you double benefits. First, you can make use of the proceeds of the sale of the property to minimize your mortgage and at the same time you can have the opportunity to live in a new house without moving to another location.

So as to add value to your property portfolio, you also need to engage in home renovations Perth. Renovating homes can be inconvenient and costly. However, this will also increase the value and the overall look of your property. People usually do renovations to their houses in order to add comfort, value and use of the homes. They also renovate in order to tidy up the house and hopefully sell it to a buyer within the right price. Along with other reasons that might come up in your mind, it is undeniable that renovating homes is very essential.

There Are Fewer Landlords In UK That Are Putting Up Rents

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For the first time in 2015, the number of lettings agents that are seeing rent hikes for the tenants decreased from last month. There were just 33 percent of the landlords that were putting up rents last August according to the survey conducted. Data gathered from the Private Rental Sector report coming from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) shows that the rental has dropped from about 37 percent last month and is the lowest since April of this year.

This is not a universal trend however and tenants situated in the South West are not anymore benefitting with 42 percent of agents within the region that are continuously seeing the rent prices increase by about 4 percent last month. This figure is compared to only 12 percent of the agents in the North West region where it witnesses an increase in rent. In Wales, the tenants are facing a difficult time too. The number of landlords in the area putting rents up for their respective tenants increased threefold from four months ago. This month though 36 percent of the letting agents who are in Wales saw the increase up 25 percent from July as just 11 percent of the agents reported the increase in rent prices.

The report also showed that after there was a spike in the number of houses that were available for rental last month, the supply in the market has consequently fallen down to levels which were last seen in June this year. ARLA letting agents were able to manage an average of about 178 properties in every branch last August as opposed to 189 the previous month.The report also found out that the number of house hunters in the sector of rentals increased marginally last August. The letting agents’ registers an average of about 36 prospective tenants that were registered in every branch compared to last July with about 34.

The property sector has continued to strengthen and along with these, other businesses or companies like the Crisp Contracts Limited are also doing well in the business of providing suspended ceilings in UK.