Homeowner At Her Wit’s End Due To Noise From Construction Work

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The noise from cars and trucks on the road can be nuisance and it is very likely that you are among those who are asking how to reduce traffic noise in the house to avoid mental stress and discomfort. However, it is not only traffic that causes noise pollution but road constructions and highway repairs.

At the McKenzie interchange project, the constant noise and vibrations has homeowner Stacey Rumsby at her wit’s end. The Rumsby family lives at the end of Grange Road that borders the relocated Galloping Goose. Their home overlooks the highway and the construction work. The property used to be buffered by two rows of trees from the Trans Canada Highway and it acts as a buffer against the noise but now it is no longer effective.

According to Rumsby, the family has to suffer from night blasting, 24-hour clang of shovels against rock and the constant whirring, roaring and shuddering of trucks that move back and forth the site. The chairs rumble and the bed shakes making it difficult for the family to sleep.

Last December 10, Rumsby hang a giant banner on her deck that reads “Do you hear/see/feel what we hear/see/feel?” Originally, the banner which was visible to drivers along the Trans Canada Highway had a Christmas feel with lights. However, after Christmas was over, the banner’s message is no longer a laughing matter.

Other neighbors are affected by the noise but the Rumsby family is most affected because their property is closest to McKenzie. Rumsby has talked to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, to the project managers and the local MLA Lana Popham.

The ministry understands that big construction projects create a lot of noise and disruptions so that the contractors are trying to complete as much work as possible. However, some of the activities are scheduled at night.

Sometimes, households simply need to suffer from outdoor because nobody listens to their plight. This is the reason why it very likely that you are asking how to reduce traffic noise in your house to experience quiet and calm. There are various solutions like double glazed windows that can dramatically reduce the sound coming from the outdoors.

California Keeping Holiday Trash From Adding To Landfills

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It is a general fact that the trash generated during the holidays is higher compared to other times of the year. The state of California has taken measures in order to keep the trash from being sent to the landfill but there is no escaping the truth that it will not be an easy feat. Holidays means more gift boxes and wrapping paper and some buy packing boxes online for their moving needs.

Joe Hernandez is the driver of a recycling truck and he was tasked in collecting and delivering collectibles to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District. The amount of recyclables gathered by his truck shows how much wastes have been accumulated during the holidays.

Hernandez said that majority of the recyclable wastes are boxes and wrapping papers. Despite the fact that they can be recycled, a considerable amount will be sent to the landfill.

The Public Education and Outreach Specialist of the district, Angela Goebel, said that majority of the people do not know how to do recycling correctly. She revealed that one of the most common mistakes that people make is placing boxes, wrapping papers as well as ribbons inside a plastic bag to manage their space.

Goebel added that the workers in the sorting line of the recycling facility will not check the recyclables inside the plastic bag but they will be considered as trash right away. It will take a lot of effort to go through each bag and inspect the contents. They can’t place their hands inside the bag due to safety reasons.

She also said that they have seen way too many packages sent by online shops and inside them are bubble wrap and Styrofoam. People just throw the entire thing in their recycling but they do not separate them thus they can’t be recycled in the end.

The state of California is now hoping to reduce the wastes they are sending to the landscape by 75 per cent in 2020. This can be accomplished if people reduce the wastes they generate, buy packing boxes online and reuse them and follow the proper steps in recycling as well as composting.

How To Find Restaurant With Michelin Star Chef In Thailand

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Michelin Star is the most coveted recognition in the restaurant industry. A restaurant that is awarded with Michelin Star flaunts their status to customers as it is a guarantee of service excellence, decadence on their select food menu and extraordinary taste in every dish. If you want to have an unforgettable dining experience while on a holiday, look for a restaurant with Michelin star chef in Thailand and you can never go wrong with your choice.

Restaurants are reviewed by anonymous reviewers who come together to discuss and decide as to which restaurant all over the world they are going to give the sought-after Michelin Star. Once the star is given to a restaurant, customers would flock to it and would prefer it over other restaurants without the prestigious star.

If you are in Thailand and you are looking for an exceptional dining experience, search for a restaurant with a Michelin Star through the internet. You can filter your search by typing Michelin star chef in Thailand to find restaurants that features chef with award provided by Michelin anonymous reviewing body.

Another way to find an awarded restaurant is by reading popular blogs that offer food and restaurant reviews around Thailand. The good thing about reading blogs is you will know the best features of the restaurants and more importantly, how good their dishes are. You will also determine the best sellers of the restaurant including the excellence of their service and the price range of the dishes. Blogs are similar to reviews but they are more comprehensive as they offer inclusive information about the restaurant.

You can also find restaurants with Michelin Star by checking on review sites for restaurants in Thailand. There are sites that are dedicated to providing restaurant reviews with actual customers as the contributors of the reviews. You can also find a Michelin star chef in Thailand by visiting the restaurant or the hotel’s website to find out what customers have to say about the food or dishes at the restaurant. Once you found a restaurant with Michelin Star, place your reservations right away to find out for yourself how good the food is at the restaurant.

Staybridge Suites To Make Asian Debut In Bangkok

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Inter Continental Hotels Group is slating to move their Staybridge Suites into Asia via opening two additions to the many boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, the Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor and the Staybridge Suites Chonburi Sriracha, set to open in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

According to the IHG’s Chief Development Officer for Asia, Middle East and Africa;Rajit Sukumaran, said in a statement that Bangkok is the ideal location for a Staybridge launch in the Asia-Pacific region. He says that Thailand, is the Asia-Pacific region’s most popular destination in terms of tourist arrivals, and the country’s tourism sector is in a good place, and is continuing to grow, whilst demonstrating a clear notable resilient. The country also has a demand for a variety of hospitality options.

Sukumaran adds that, with the country’s tourism industry expected to grow into a total value of US$78.25B, by the end of 2017, the forecast for next year is good, and the IHG is confident in the long-term of the status of the tourism industry, making it a very good location to introduce new regional brands. He adds that the IHG has had very successful regional launches with its brands, such as their Holiday Inn Express and Hotel Indigo brands.

The Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor will be a new boutique hotel in Sukhumvit located along the length the SukhumvitSoi 55 road, located a mere 10 minutes worth of walking from the Thonglor BTS Station, and boasts 303-rooms. The Staybridge Suites ChonburiSiracha, meanwhile, boasts 400 rooms, and is also located along the length of the Sukhumvit Road, this time along the main road, adjacent from the TukcomSiracha IT Mall, near the Aeon Siracha Shopping Centre and the Robinson Department Store.

Both hotels will feature full-furnished kitchens, with free Wi-Fi, working areas and entertainment in each and every suite. Complimentary breakfast will be provided daily, whilst an evening reception, The Evening Social, held every week, complete with free refreshments.

The two Staybridge Suites will be aimed towards middle-class and corporate guests, which Sukumaran says are most likely to take extended stay options.

The two new Staybridge Suites will be the latest addition to the 250 in operation across the world, with 151 more set to open within the next 5 years.

How To Enjoy In A Hotel Near Thailand Cultural Center

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If you are into arts and performances, it is only right for you to look for a hotel near Thailand cultural center where you can watch the festivals and performances of local and international artists and performers in Bangkok. To have a grand time while in the city, here are some things that you might want to consider doing.

Check the schedule of performance

At Thailand Cultural Centre, you will find all sorts of world class performances. To determine who will perform and the schedule of performances, check their website for schedule or you might also want to visit the place for you to get more information. There are annual festivals that you might want to catch including dance, plays and music performances for your enjoyment. The good thing about booking in a hotel near Thailand cultural center is you will never be late for the performances since you will not travel from your hotel down to the theatre.

Refer to a map

Aside from cultural performances, find out what are the nearby establishments or entertainments centre in the area that you can visit. You can check Bangkok’s map on your smart phone or you can also get a local map which can be found at the airports or even at your hotel front desk. Some of the most popular attractions nearby are the Magic Art Museum Bangkok, Mansion 7 Shopping Center, Suan Lum Night Bazaar and several restaurants and bars that you can stop by when you want to grab a beer or some food.  You will find Kin Tiew Kan, Al Tara Restaurant and Hachiban Ramen in the area, to name a few.

Shoptill you drop

One of the usual highlights of Bangkok visits is shopping at its impressively affordable items at their huge shopping malls, night markets, floating markets and local market stalls. For your convenience, book in a hotel near Thailand cultural center so you can get to where you want to be in less time and at the same time, enjoy the nearby attractions of your hotel. Book in advance to get discounts and to lower your expenses.

Authentic Thai Restaurants In New York City

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Thai food is a mainstay in many restaurants all over the world but nothing surpasses authentic Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit located in the capital city of Thailand. Thai cuisine is taken to new level with the finest high end ingredients combined with age-old recipes. Authentic Thai recipes are served in a fine dining venue where you will enjoy the fabulous cityscape of Bangkok.

In New York City, Thai food means sticky sweet noodles and spicy sour seafood because the city is pretty much devoid of authentic Thai cuisine. However, in the Queen’s neighbourhood like Elmhurst and Woodside, authentic Thai food is a mainstay. Recent Thai spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn are now dedicated to serving authentic Thai cuisine that ranges from pineapple fried rice to khaosoi, a yellow curry and noodle soup and goongaobwoonsenn which is baked shrimp and glass noodle dish.

Most of the Asian restaurants that can be found in the United States tend to adapt their menus to the American palette so that Thai dishes are less spicy, sweeter and noodle-based without the complex flavours of the authentic recipes. Many flavours and ingredients are eliminated to satisfy the perceived preferences of the American customers. It is also rare to find regional Thai dishes like spicy sea foods and offal-forward dishes.

New Thai restaurants that have recently opened in New York City focus more on authentic Thai street food and the spicy sour recipes. People want to experience authentic Thai cuisine without the need to travel all the way to Southeast Asia. A. Napadol has moved from Thailand to New York. She has dreamed of opening a restaurant that will serve food she loved back home. Now, most of her American customers are asking for the special dishes and flavours that they have tasted when they visited Thailand.

Meanwhile, if authentic is what you desire, your best option is authentic Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit that serves Thai cuisine and Asian fusion in their food and drinks. Different Thai food favourites using the finest high end ingredients are paired with plenty of fine wines and signature cocktails. The ambiance at the rooftop restaurant is fabulous with the perfect backdrop of Bangkok’s skyline.