Understanding The Dangers Of Tree Removal Or Cutting

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Tree regulations are placed not just to protect the trees but also to protect the people. Tree removal is considered as a dangerous task that is why they are best left to the professionals. Tree professionals would remove numerous trees and stumps but due to the danger connected with the task, they would have to take extra safety measures in order to protect themselves against injury or harm. But even with the necessary safety gear tree professionals are still not safe for in this field of work, even when you feel you’re safe, you aren’t. In the US alone, about 60 deaths were recorded due to tree maintenance related injuries while 120 deaths were recorded in the forestry and logging services.

If you are wondering why tree maintenance is a dangerous job, the first thing you should think about is the tools being used by these professionals. Chainsaws, hacksaws, wood chippers and other power tools are deemed dangerous. Just a slight miscalculation or a simple distraction can cause serious harm to your hands, legs or arms. Tree professionals use these tools every single day of their work. That is why an untrained individual should not handle such instruments.

Next, the danger is with the tree itself. If you attempt to remove a tree, you will be exposed to a lot of life-threatening risks. Without the proper equipment, the tree might end up falling on your house, or on other people present. When your limbs are weak, they will provide faulty support when the tree falls. When the tree is close to an electrical line, you run the risk of getting electrocuted.

When there is an infestation of insects or snakes, or even poisonous plants, your visit to the tree might lead you towards the hospital. This is the reason why proper clothing, gloves and equipment are required for tree professionals.

Another danger associated with trees is that when they are decaying, they become unstable and climbing them would become very dangerous. Limbs and large branches can also fall on the wrong places, or on people.

These are the dangers that arborists, tree surgeons and other tree professionals go through every day that is why it is important for these professionals to be well-trained and adept in their craft and why it is important for you to find such capable professionals like those from Ark Fencing and Tree Work.

Innovations In Plastic Packaging

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A 3-day event will be held in Anaheim, CA for packaging and manufacturing professionals to showcase the latest in plastic packaging. The innovations that will be featured at PLASTEC West event include the following:

  • Duofold combination packaging from HLP Klearfold of New York includes a combination of the best attributes of clear, box-grade plastic and paperboard to create a truly distinctive visual packaging. The two different substrates allow for unique structural design that will not be possible by using paperboard or plastic alone. Each of the substrates is different in terms of visual, textural and tactile impressions.
  • Soft Crease on the other hand created a rigid film that can be used for multiple plastic carton panels or to make windows that can be used to wrap around multiple score lines. The structural design possibilities are unlimited in creating a strong shelve impact that is a combination of offset, flexo and/or paperboard panels or both. It also includes foil stamping and other decorating special effects applicable to both plastic and paperboard panels.
  • Lasersharp Flex Pack introduces the Prime Peel that allows packages to be easily opened and reclosed while maintaining the integrity of its contents. This new and efficient innovation can be considered as an accurate example of flexible packaging. Lasers are used to produce the peel and reclose packages with clean and accurate patterns.
  • Schur Star Concept has created flexible packaging in multiple bag formats without additional tooling costs. This flexible packaging solution allows quick changeover times to run multiple products or just one line without any setup times. The Schur bags are expected to meet all functionality requirements including all types of barrier capacities.

However, not all packaging requirements can be achieved through plastics. In spite the different innovations in packaging, there are still traditional packaging materials that can satisfactorily fulfill the demands of customers. An example is Paper Mart paper bags that meet the requirements of customers for recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. Paper bags are cost effective and they are seen as a solution to the growing amount of packaging waste in the landfills. Paper bags can also be reused for other purposes aside from packaging.

Twin, Queen Or King: Which Bed Size Is Right For You?

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When you decide to buy a new bed for your bedroom, one of the most important things to consider is the size of the bed you are going to buy. The bed size is highly connected with comfort. When you are not comfortable with your bed, you won’t be able to get great quality sleep and when you don’t get great quality sleep, you won’t be able to function properly during the day. But when you are choosing the right size of bed for you, it actually is quite hard given all the choices you are faced with. It is also quite difficult to know the differences in bed sizes in the world today and even the salesperson in the local market wouldn’t be able to give you all the facts that you may need. Bed sizes can be quite confusing.

But what is exactly the difference between the bed sizes? Find out below.


Twin beds are also more commonly known as single beds. Twin beds are the most common choice for kid’s rooms and even guest rooms. One of the best features of twin beds is that they are narrow and are able to fit in the smallest bedrooms. Dimensions are 39” x 75” in length and 39” in width. Unfortunately, the standard size is too short for most adults.

There is also a Twin Extra Long which is 5” longer than the standard twin size bed. Also, the standard for these beds may differ for each manufacturer so it would do you good if you first try to know the measurements of your provider.


Queen size beds may also be referred to as full or double beds and any of the queen sizes would fit the common room. Unfortunately, most couples think that queen beds are too narrow for them to get a good night’s sleep. A double or full bed is 15” wider than a twin bed but a queen size bed is 6” wider than a double bed.


There are two types of king beds: standard and California. A standard king would be 4” wider than a California. But a California king bed is 4” longer. If you pushed two extra long twin beds that will be the makeup of a king size bed. Two people sharing a bed would get equal amount of space.

Bed sizes are much more complex if you would expound on them. So before you think about visiting bed stores Perth, make sure to understand bed sizes first.

Chautauqua Students Received Sailing Lessons

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It was one of those clear December days that Chautauqua Learn & Serve Charter School students received their sailing lessons right at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club. There are four students who are recipients of the sailing lessons and they were able to board the sailing vessel called Second Chance. The lessons for that day are just another part of a series of sailing lessons that the yacht club has committed to give to the students.

The sailing lessons were undertaken under the guide of Matthew Bruhn who is a senior in the Bay High School while Noamiven Der Bergh, the waterfront director of the club, is also present during these lessons. The group of students are developmentally disabled but were able to spend a number of weeks learning a lot about sailing. Lessons include learning the different parts of the boat, wind tracking methods and tying different type of knots. It was only in the second week of the month of December that their boat was able to leave the dock in order for them to work on what they have learned as well as apply everything.

Before the boat leaves, the guide made sure that they have enough knowledge and that they have focus by giving a short quiz. One of the first questions that he asked the group of students was the direction in which the wind is coming. The students then looked above them and at the surrounding in order to decipher the winds direction. Bruhn then gave them a clue by hinting to take a look at the flags that are blown by the wind. Once they saw the flags, all of them were able to point to the right direction.

According to Bruhn, the lessons he gave to the group were the same ones that are being taught to Level One students that are enrolled to their summer classes. He also shared that he has been a teacher in the club for a few years already and he started out as a volunteer. It was not until last year that he decided to take a course in order to receive certification to be an instructor.

To interested students, there are also RYA Beginners Training Courses offered.

Boosting Sales During The Holiday Seasons

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The Christmas season is now breezing in and if you want to boost your income for this month, you need to consider some marketing ideas that go beyond the displays in your window. Here are some marketing tips for you:

  • Start a contest. You might have heard that contests are great marketing tools for any kind of business. Engaging your customers in competitions is a sure way to increase sales. Whether you will run a photo competition in social media or through SMS participation, staging contests is a sure way of getting people to talk about your brand.
  • Announce an exclusive sale of your products through email. Christmas time is the season that is deemed to slash the process of typically almost any product under the sun. You can inform your valued customers about your company sale where they can check out and which is not available to anybody else but only to them. The exclusivity of the information of your information about the product sale will make your items much more desirable and that people will feel honored and special and will feel a sense of appreciation for what you have done.
  • Reward your very loyal customers with gift checks or cards. Rewarding customers who have continuously patronized your store for several years is a great way of saying happy holidays and thank you to them. A tremendous idea in giving back to the customers will be to give them gift cards. You can place the gift cards in a card which is delivered straight to their doorway or better yet inform them and send them an email stating that their card is waiting for collection in your store. This is a fail-safe technique to get people to your store while at the same time boosting the loyalty of your customers.
  • Give away some Christmas Cheer. One great way to attract people through the store of your day is to give them something that is truly festive. This could be as simple as giving out free candy panes or hot chocolate or you can have an employee dress up as Santa or you can have an employee wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

Water Testing In Auburn Reveals High Lead Content

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Water testing on household plumbing around Auburn revealed that there is a high lead content which is not expected by the officials from the water district. As a result, they are forced to do more testing after.

This year’s routine testing that was conducted in the city has shown some unexpected result including a high lead level of 23 parts per billion in the plumbing system. According to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, it is mandatory that water consumed in the household should have a safe level set at 15 parts per billion or lower.

From a statement released by Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority’s water quality manager, Mary Jane Dillingham, the agency have the right to test things if found out to be violating mandatory rules but they do not have the authority to tell household owners how to do their plumbing.

Dillingham revealed that it is mandatory for Auburn to conduct water testing in 30 random homes once in every 3 years to check for levels of both copper and lead. The lead level in Auburn during the last testing which was conducted in 2012 showed only 9 parts per billion.

A high copper level indicates that the household plumbing is starting to corrode and Auburn has shown how the city is below the federal limit set both in 2012 and 2015 result. Following the rules set by EPA, the high level of lead found for this year’s testing is a big reason to conduct more thorough water testing. The water district is therefore required to extract water samples of one-liter in 60 homes in the city that have been preselected. This should be done once for the first half of 2016 while another sample will again be collected during the second half of next year.

The new schedule set for accelerated water testing will remain in place until results revealed that the lead score is down to 15 parts per billion or lower, as per the limit.

To prevent this, homeowners should have proper plumbing installed and old ones should be replaced. For residents near Sheffield, contact Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage.