Common Traps Used In Content Marketing

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Sometimes brands commit the same mistake in content marketing by creating more noise rather than fulfilling the satisfaction of their audiences. Agencies now have a lot of competition in other creative bodies such as the publishers, management consultancies and many other organizations.

An event was hosted by Digiday in order to gather in one place all of the top brands together with agencies and publishers that are responsible in their content marketing. The event was only for a day and it was held in London to talk about the issues and opportunities that these groups are facing. With the words of Tom Curtis who is the head of the marketing division in MediaCom, many threats are headed at them from different angles.

The event was called WTF Content Marketing and the participating brands and companies are HP, TUI, BP and Nissan. The agency experts that are there included Ogilvy & Mather, McCann and Karmarama. They discussed the challenges they have encountered in terms of new technologies, measurement, internal organization, distribution and influencers.

During the event, important issues were discussed and the highlights include:

– It is not easy to perform an internal reorganization. According to the Rachel Hawkes who is group social head of TUI, a holiday and travel brand, their company is now talking more about a centralized approach when it comes to content creation because it is common for companies with international teams to face problems such as duplication of work.
– Platform panic is something to be cautious of. BP, an oil company, said that there are seven audiences that would be interested in their content marketing which involves oils and some of these are customers, prospective employees, local communities and the government. These audiences will not be accessed with a single platform thus choosing the right one is important.
– The up and coming brand experience involve bots. According to Ogilvy & Mather’s head of innovation, James Whatley, bots will play a big role in terms of content marketing in the future since it is already being used by companies in other applications.
– There are still problems when it comes to ROI linking. Linking sales and content marketing is still one of the issues brands are facing nowadays and they are still exploring this area.

Trees In Banff Avenue Are In A State Of Decay And Requires Replacement

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At the median in Banff Avenue, many of the trees are in a state of decay and require replacement. Earlier this year, Urban Forest Management Plan made an assessment of the trees from Wolf Street to the exit of the town site and determined that most of the trees are in poor health and don’t have many years left in them. Replacement is going to be a priority for long term goals.

According to Andreas Loutas, the town’s urban forester, the poplar and Mayday trees along Banff Avenue are suffering from two different kinds of diseases – cytospora and diplodia tumefacians. The more aggressive of the two is cytospora which is a tree killer. It actually attacks the living tissues and starts to eat away at the tree. The second tree ailment that is also known as the corky bark disease is not immediately fatal to the tree but it can cause sufficient damage over the years making the tree risky for pedestrians and vehicles. Corky bark disease is like a tumor and creates lumpy and quirky masses on the trees. The tree can survive for a long time even with the disease but premature branch failure will be hazardous.

According to a 2008 UFMP document, the urban forest of Banff is estimated to cost approximately $57 million. Since 2008, the council has continuously directed resources towards the preservation of the Banff urban forest. 20 of the total urban forests have been assessed and treated and only one still requires attention. 90% of the dead trees that are still standing have been removed and these include the pine and spruce that have been afflicted with mountain pine beetle and spruce bark beetle epidemic. However, for every tree removed, another tree is replanted.

In landscaping, your best partner is tree loppers in Perth because they can mold a tree according to your requirements without compromising its health and aesthetics. If tree lopping is not done properly, hazards can be created when the tree is disproportionate. It is also important for tree lopping to adhere to the standards of Australian Code of Practice that requires the process to be done safely.

Car Insurance Claiming Tips

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Getting into a car accident can be stressful especially if there were damages incurred against you or your vehicle. In case you encounter an accident that damaged your vehicle, inform your insurance provider such as มิสเตอร์ประกัน, immediately so you would be assisted for settlement during and after the accident. Other insurance claiming tips to observe during and after a vehicular accident include the following.

Get the right information

After the incident, make it a pint to obtain the name of the driver including the passengers, their contact information, driver’s license number and other important details. If the other party refuses to provide vital information, you can just record the plate number of the vehicle or the vehicle registration number and your insurance provider will trace the vehicle owner’s name for proper insurance claims and settlement.

Call your insurance company right away

Make it a point to call your car insurance company immediately so you could be properly assisted with. Usually, a representative of the company will be sent to the accident’s location for damage assessment and documentation. Even if you do not want to claim, you should still inform your insurance company for records purposes.

Present your insurance certificate

On instance where there is an injured person, show your insurance certificate provided by มิสเตอร์ประกัน or your car insurance company to the police. If you cannot present the document at the moment, you can still present the said certificate within 7 days after the accident. Do not forget to take photographs of your damaged vehicle for documentation purposes and also as evidence during the processing of your claims.

Do not repair your car

In order for you to get the necessary insurance benefits from มิสเตอร์ประกัน or from your car insurance provider, do not fix your vehicle. Otherwise, your insurance claim would be forfeited. The insurance agent has to inspect the extent of damage for proper valuation. After the vehicle inspection and assessment, they will inform you if they will cover the repair costs or if there is a need to fully replace your vehicle. The amount will be based on the current market value of your vehicle’s model.


Couple Celebrated Wedding With A Halloween Theme

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For single people, marriage might seem like a scary idea but not for the newlywed from Windsor. The couple decided to skip the traditional white dress and there were no ringing church bells as well when Raymond McCurdy and his wife Lori decided to tie the knot a week before Halloween. To make their wedding a memorable one, they decided to go with a Halloween theme – spooky but romantic at the same time.

Lori shared that they have decided as a couple that they do not want a traditional wedding because they know that they are different and they want to have fun always, most especially on their special day. They chose the theme in order to avoid all the seriousness that a traditional wedding can bring.

All of their invited guests were asked to attend in their costumes and the ceremony was held inside a marquee that is decorated with cobwebs and adorned with skull lanterns. There was also a witch cauldron to add to the spookiness.

The guests came in different costumes such as ponies, pirates and cowboys. The photographer for the event was dressed up as Grim Reaper. Once the siren has sounded, their version of wedding bells, the groom Raymond came into view with his ghastly skull mask that is sporting a gap-toothed smile.

After the groom entered, the wedding party followed suit – all of whom are dressed in black and with a bouquets that are consists of roses in the colours of black and silver to match the theme.

The crowd left their seats in order to get a better view of the bride who came in with his flowing black bridal gown. What makes her overall appearance unique is that half of her face has been painted to show a skull with elaborate design while a portion of her hair has been shaved to resemble a cobweb pattern.

Raymond shared that he has always been fascinated with Halloween especially the idea of visiting haunted houses and trick or treating with kids in their costumes.

If you and your partner are planning to have a unique wedding party, check out Party for Hire in Sydney.


Melbourne Fast Becoming Asian Pre-Wedding Photography Destination

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Almost everyday, a bride and groom will fly in to Melbourne usually from China, often times from Hong Kong and sometimes from Indonesia or Malaysia. She will be in her second wedding gown, and they will spend the day for pre-wedding photos.

Andrew Noble is just one of the many operators in this serious money-making industry that most people have not heard of: Chinese pre-wedding photography.

Pre-wedding photography in Australia

The rich couples – they are mostly all rich – go to Australia for photos taken in front of some of the city’s landmarks. The most famous locations include the Parliament House, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Carlton Gardens and Flinders Street Railway Station.

The costs usually start at 1200 US dollars with the packages going up to 5000 US dollars plus travel.

Many of Noble’s clients will jet in to Australia for a holiday and will spend part of the time getting some photos shot. However, there are also plenty who just fly in to get some photos shot. They land at Tullamarine, stay one night and then fly back home.

The multi-billion dollar industry of pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding photography is uncommon for Australians compared to Asians. In China, pre-wedding photography is a multi-billion dollar industry. The photos are showcased during the couple’s wedding or their reception often times in a gallery.

Wedding shots are mostly done on the wedding day in Australia. In China, a wedding day is usually crowded with a feast, reception, party or traditional games where a couple could not step away for posed photos. This is why they do pre-wedding photos.

Australia as a destination for pre-weddings and weddings

The old tradition is finding itself a new role – a status symbol – and where Australia comes in to play. Most couples with average means do pre-wedding photos in their home towns. Wealth allows the bride and groom to go to exotic locations with Paris and London being the popular choices. Now, Australia is becoming a top choice for couples looking to get photos where no other couple has.

Australia is not only a destination for pre-wedding photos, it also offers great locations for weddings. There are numerous party, caterer, table or Chair for Hire in Melbourne that help with wedding events.


Frequent And Heavy Rains Can Cause A Flooded Basement

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August is a normally dry month in Janesville but over the last 30 days, its residents have experienced heavy and frequent rains. Based on the Gazette records for the past 69 years, Janesville received more than twice of what should be average rainfall for July and August. Residents are concerned over their wet walls and puddles that formed in the basement. It looks like the more it rains, everything gets saturated and people see more leakages sprouting.

Badger is one of the contractors that are frequently called upon to deal with wet basements. The most frequent issues of homeowners are leaks at the joint where the wall meets the floor above the basement. In some cases, the foundation has cracks or water is flowing into the window well. Badger has a common solution which is to jackhammer a channel into a basement and under the wall. A drain will be built from the place where water comes from to a sump pump or a hole in the floor.

However, the problem of wet basements can also come from overhead. When the water from the roof falls too close to the house to saturate the ground, it can result into water flowing towards the basement. Badger suggests fixing gutters and downspouts in order for water to be expelled away from the house. If the ground next to the house is sloping towards the wall instead of away from the home soil can added so that water will run away. Another option is to dig a shallow channel so that water will flow to the right direction.

Most of Badger’s customers have already experienced the problems in the past and finally decided to have something done. It is important however to work with a contractor that specializes on home maintenance because a lot of things have to be taken into consideration.

In Perth WA, there is Cool Spec Roof and Gutters that can undertake inexpensive gutter cleaning to avoid further damages. Given the amount of damages that blocked gutters can cause, it makes sense to call a team of professionals who can handle cleaning as well as repairs and replacements.