Cremation By Water Is Safe, According To Research

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A research by the NederlandseOrganisatievoorToegepastNatuurwetenschappelijkOnderzoek (TNO) has been looking into resomation, more commonly known as water cremation, as an alternative to the more traditional methods of burials or cremations.

The research, commissioned by the Dutch funeral group Yarden, discovered that resomation is a safe option, with no definitive environmental reason not to accept it. Yarden has expressed their opinion on opening up the funeral market and its cremation urns for adults, for resomations, asking the government to make it legal.

The process of resomation utilizes alkaline hydrolysis in order to cremate the body. The remains are put into a pressurized vessel, which is then filled up with a mix of lye and water, which will then be heated up to 160 degrees, with the elevated pressure in the container preventing boiling. The body instead breaks down into its chemical components, the process taking at least three hours to complete.

The process was originally patented back in 1888, in the US, where it is legal in a few states, as well as in some countries across the world, the Netherlands not being one of them.  Notably, the process has recently been in the spotlight with some looking to it as an environmentally friendly option, some seeing it as the complete opposite, as they fear that the liquefied remains could contaminate the environment.

The new research from the TNO says that the process meets environmental standards, with earlier research from the organization saying that it was less environmentally damaging than the other forms of burial or cremation, something Yarden points out in its website.

A survey done by Yarden suggested that 23% of people in the Netherlands would be open to shopping cremation urns for adults and opting for resomation as an alternative to the more traditional cremation method. According to the Director of Funeral Arrangements for Yarden, Sabrina Franken, says that for some cultures and religions, cremation just aren’t a viable option. She says that the company sees resomation as a mature, respectful and environmentally safe and sustainable option, different from the traditional options, where Water is the most important element, not fire or earth.

Reforms In The Educational System To Align With Thailand 4.0 Initiative

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The presence of Thailand international school in the Kingdom is an indication that the country is moving forward in terms of providing different educational options for children. When parents are given the opportunity to make choices, it means that the government is supportive of their aspirations to provide their children with high quality education.

An announcement made by the Ministry of Education (MoE) highlights the plans of combining the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) with the Office of Higher Education (OHEC) to form a new Research and Higher Education Ministry. The merger between the current MOST and OHEC is being considered by Thailand in order to achieve the objectives of Thailand 4.0 initiative.

According to Dr. Suvit Maesincee, the Minister of Science and Technology, the merger between the two agencies could be completed at the end of the government’s term; however, the process may take longer because of the required public hearings.

Dr. Suvit further shared that the responsibilities of the new Research and Higher Education Ministry will include unification of all research universities as well as related institutes to produce and manage human resources. This is in response the country’s development programs that will support technology start-ups and SME’s in leveraging new technologies.

The new ministry will also be responsible in providing assistance to Thai farmers so that they can be “smart” farmers using new technologies. Providing manpower and promoting technology are the crucial factors that will ensure the success of S-Curve industries.

Contrary to the rumours floating around, MOST will not be dissolved. Instead, it will be merged with OHEC and other agencies like the National Research Council of Thailand and Thailand Research Fund. Reorganization of agencies is part of the reform agenda of the government for the next 20 years and Thailand 4.0 initiative. More focus and attention will directed towards higher education institutes to ensure they are aligned with Thailand 4.0.

In preparation for higher learning, Thailand international school encourages young students to pursue their passions and interests. The students are provided with the right facilities including a spacious campus and highly skilled teachers to ensure that they are academically prepared for the future.

The Dangers Of Key less Ignition Systems

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One of the car components available through Auto Parts Canada is the ignition system. The system is made of different parts that are involved in the process of producing an electric spark that will ignite the fuel/air mixture in the internal combustion chamber. Difficulty in starting a vehicle may be due to ignition switch failure. You do not have to buy a new system because ignition switch replacement is available in the aftermarket.

Some car drivers do not remember the last time that they used a key to unlock the car because they are using keyless entry. Drivers don’t use the key either to start the car because of the fob that they can use to press the button on the dash or center console. Others use Smartphone apps with functions that include remote starting.

Push button starters are not actually new innovations because they have been predominant after the Second World War before being replaced by the all-in-one systems that require a twist of the ignition key to operate the starter motor. New innovations include the steering column interlocks and microchip-embedded keys to prevent the car from being stolen.

Keyless ignitions have been readily embraced by drivers with no apparent trouble. However, it is not problem-free because carelessness in the use of the push button ignition system can lead to injury or death. According to Sean Kane, founder and president of Safety Research and Strategies, Inc, 25 deaths were recorded because of carbon monoxide poisoning after motor vehicles using keyless ignition were left running in an enclosed space.

Safety watchdogs have also warned drivers not to push the button to stop the engine when putting the car to park but allow the vehicle to roll away. Many Volkswagen and Audi vehicles using keyless ignition shut down after a period of time when the car is put to park because the sensors have detected that the driver has left the vehicle.

The evolution of ignition systems have provided drivers with benefits but the conventional system where you turn a key to crank your vehicle is still available in the aftermarket. The point type and transistor systems can be purchased through Auto Parts Canada for standard engines.

How Knightsbridge FX Can Help You Buy A Property Abroad Through Foreign Exchange

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Many of us hope to buy a property abroad. Buying somewhere overseas will involve a huge financial expense but one of the things somehow unnoticed is the foreign exchange aspect of the purchase. If you want to know more about foreign exchange, why not work with Knightsbridge FX for details.

Whether you are taking a mortgage in the local currency or paying cash for the property, transfer the dollar into the currency while you make your payments. How you go about completing the transfer will make a huge difference to the money you will pay for the property.

Be Wise with Your Currency

Knightsbridge FX is a perfect example. They handled fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates and planned the best ways to take advantage of the mortgage in dollars on their residence location in Canada. Then they moved the cash back to the US, due to the weakness of the dollar, their Canadian dollar had a lot more buying power.

If you keep an eye on things and know how you can make exchange rates work for you, you can possibly pay dividends. Follow the tips that Knightsbridge FX gives you and you’re certain you can get more money with the foreign exchange.

Keep Up with Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Small changes in foreign currency exchange rates can happen in short spaces of time. So for the entire day, the exchange rates are continuously moving up and down. You need to watch closely for this changes.

Just picture your contract when you buy your dream property abroad. Before you pay for the exchange rate, it shifts to go against you by 10%. What this implies is having the dollars you intend to pay will effectively increase by 10%. That can create a major consequence.

If you have worked with Knightsbridge FX, they will never leave your foreign exchange transactions to the last minute. It may leave you exposed to existing exchange rate and you’ll not have some funds to comply the payment due dates. This may result to penalty payments. However, you can be protected against negative exchange rate fluctuations.

Disrupting A Pleasant Afternoon With The Roar Of A Muscle Car              

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It is common for motorcycle and car drivers to visit Auto Parts Canada to look for aftermarket exhaust parts as replacement for the factory-fitted exhaust components of their vehicle. The idea is to improve aesthetic appeal, performance and the sound produced by the vehicle. After market exhaust systems allow the engine to breathe better so that spent fuel and air can exit the combustion chambers more quickly.

However, there are cities with regulations against crazy loud and illegal mufflers from muscle cars and motorcycles. The noise is different from the pleasant rumble of a Harley Davidson as it travels across the city. Not once has the noise of a Harley Davidson been considered as disruptive.

However, because of the proliferation of aftermarket exhaust systems, drivers of muscle cars and motorcycles can easily disrupt a pleasant afternoon. The noise can easily drown out police and firemen sirens. Nevertheless, regulations and enforcement in California are lax and do not mind the noise.

Jets taking off or approaching airports produce sounds that register a bit above 100 decibels. The figure is exactly the same as noise levels measured by Mario Tabernig, a retired mechanical engineer who monitored noise levels for several hours near Huntington Dog Beach.

Tabernig used a calibrated decibel gauge to measure the sound levels in an area where businesses thrive and people reside. This was supposed to be a safe haven or a relatively peaceful area where you can hear the sounds of surf. However, a motorcycle club roaring down the streets produces noise that exceeds 100 decibels. Sounds of cars have also reached the same level.

When a motor vehicle that is equipped with a muffler is properly maintained, there are no excessive and unusual sounds even with constant operation. Most of the noise problem comes from hobbyists who love to tinker with their vehicles and modify their exhaust systems to impress or annoy their neighbors.

Meanwhile, there are also good reasons why drivers go to Auto Parts Canada for aftermarket exhaust systems. They can to create a noticeable but distinctly aggressive exhaust note. There are also aftermarket exhaust systems that will provide them with some performance gains.

A Different Kind Of Team Building With Gentle Horses

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One of the most common team activities is the tyre race that requires coordination among the participants. Employees are divided into teams to manoeuvre the tyres around obstacles. First to reach the finish line wins. However, there are other unique challenges that does not involve running around and trying to compete with another.

On a rainy Friday afternoon, 26 employees from 10 organizations from south-western Virginia and West Virginia spent bonding time in a stable of gentle horses. The employees came from different sectors that include manufacturing, technology and chambers of commerce. Two skilled team building facilitators fine tuned the participants’ behaviour.

The workshop was referred to as “Refining your Team Building Behaviours.” It was facilitated by Pam Umberger, owner of the Copper Crest Farm in Wytheville and Kentucky-based MSN Cheryl Bess. The facilitators co-founded Mirror Horse Interactions to enhance interpersonal effectiveness. The horse acts as the “mirror “on how individuals can interact in a more effective way with others.

The goal of the unique challenge is to refine team building behaviours so that they can be effectively applied at the workplace. Experiential exercises and posed questions were crafted by the facilitators. The objective of the questions is to challenge both verbal and non-verbal communication cues that the participants will give the horses and how these behaviourscan be transferred to the workplace.

The challenge received overwhelmingly positive responses from the participants. A response on an anonymous evaluation of the challenge read that it was quite strange to discuss some situations with horses. The activity resembled the situations that he was envisioning with the staff. He was able to gain a deep insight into the situations. Another participant wrote that the activity with the horses was the best day in his work career.

Team building events are always anticipated by employees because it provides them with paid time outside the office. However, team activitiesmust always be planned carefully so that they can achieve the goal. There are different challenges where teams can work together and collaborate to solve a series of problems. When teams work together they become more productive, effective and motivated not to mention that they are more fun to work with.