Nightlife Has Never Been This Amazing

Bangkok, the city of a glamorous, exotic and exciting nightlife. Bangkok is known to be one of the busiest city at night. Whether you enjoy just a simple and relaxing dining experience in a luxury restaurant or a wild night of drinking booze and live shows with your friends Bangkok can cater to all your desires. This amazing city offers a variety of nightlife scene that are all available every night for everyone yo experience. Bangkok has taken nightlife to a higher level.

Here is a short list on how to have a good time in the streets of Bangkok after the sun sets:

  1. Clubs – if listening to music, dancing into the groove and drinking the night away is your jam, then Clubbing will be a sure hit. From pop, Rhythm and Blues, Reggae, hip hop and the latest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) craze will make you dance your heart out.
  2. Live Shows – are worth watching because they provide very entertaining story and visual effects.
  • Cultural shows that tells the story of Bangkok’s history and heritage and explains the city’s culture through its extravagant production setting, costumes and special effects.
  • The Katoey Show is a fancy performance of Thai’s very popular and fabulous “ladyboys”. These men have undergone many surgical operations to hide all signs of masculinity including concealing their Adam’s apple.
  • Muay Thai is a very popular form of martial art in Thailand. It is a form of boxing that uses the entire body as a weapon. In Bangkok the associated Muay Thai with
  1. Bars – are laid back and a good place to relax and unwind. Enjoying exquisite food and cold drinks in a warm and cosy atmosphere is definitely worth a try.
  • Sports Bars are very popular in Bangkok for those individuals who wants to enjoy watching their favourite team win the finals with other people who have the same passion. Good food, unlimited drinks, superb service and high definition TV screens are the main elements of a great sports bar.
  • Rooftop Bars are also a craze in the city. People especially couples enjoy the fresh breeze and the over-looking scenery of the city from tall buildings. Dining experience will be at its peak in a rooftop bar in Bangkok.