Nigeria Launched Its First Website Dedicated For Booking Tours

Tourists can now easily find and book tour packages before they visit Nigeria through a new website that is dedicated for online booking. The website is very new and was established by the company Avantgarde Tours Limited. The site is dedicated in selling tour packages that are offered by the Avantgarde Tours alongside with other known tour operators in Nigeria.

Naijaholidays is in partnership with the leading tour packages operators in the country including Travel Next Door which is owned by Pelu Awofeso who is an award-winning travel journalist and SJ Tours whose owner is Mrs. Abiola Ogunbiyi, the FTAN or Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria’s chairperson in the Lagos chapter.

According to the managing director of Avantgarde Tours, Mr. Efetobo Awhana, Nigeria is a very beautiful place which should be considered by tourists because it can compete with other popular tourist destinations all over the globe.

He also added that Nigeria will be able to benefit a lot if the tourism industry is to prosper despite the fact that there are claims about the lack of security in the country as well as the poor infrastructure industry. He clarified that it is common for a tourism destination that is thriving and is well on its way to success to receive some kind of challenge or trial. The same problems are also faced by other places in the world.

He also explained that it used to be impossible for people to go online and find information regarding tours that are offered in the country. For the last several years, they have been rejecting clients because their budgets are not enough to sustain outbound tours in the nation. The issue at hand now is that more people are not able to afford the cost of outbound tours that they are opting for other tour packages that can be availed in the country.

Efetobo Awhana also added that it is also a way for them to encourage Nigerians to travel their own country. If you are in America, it is time to get to know other parts in the region by booking a South America Tour.