Moving 101: Getting Ready For A Big Move

Buying a home or signing a lease is already the difficult part of looking for a new home. However, packing up and settling to this new place will not be easy for those unprepared.

To help people with the big move, Forbes asked help from professionals for their top moving tips.

The need to hire a moving company or removalist

According to Angela Gonzales from Unpakt, people only move once in seven years on average, while a removalist does this day after day.

For her, hiring a reputable moving company means having them deal with the physical heavy lifting. They know how to correctly wrap furniture, to deal with door frames and tight stairwells, or to correctly save space in a truck, while keeping furniture safe in transit.

Moving is also a very stressful thing, and hiring a removalist is going to ease the stress, according to her. Likewise, it is going to save one time.

Advice to people starting a move

Jessy Herman from Two Men and a Truck gave these three tips.

1. Do research and take the time to do the homework prior to hiring a mover. He also advised to ask the most important questions, such as insurance coverage or the mover’s background.

2. In order to guarantee the day which is the most convenient, book 2 – 4 weeks early.

3. There are specific things which movers can’t move in advance. There are federal laws which ban them from transporting hazardous materials, such as propane, paint, ammunition, and so on. This means that items which contain gas like lawn movers or grills are also not permitted.

The common mistake during a move

Manuela Irwin from The Moving Blog said that the top mistake is not being very choosy about a moving company to go with. For her, one has to research the company, to check the license and reputation.

Summing up

Regardless if these are removals in California or removals in Sydney, as stated by professionals, one should consider hiring a professional removalist or moving company to help with the physical and mental stress. Additionally, before doing so, research needs to be done to ensure that belongings are in safe hands.