Mobile App Launched For Tracking Great White Shark

Residents in the northeast that visits the beach frequently have at some point experienced seeing a shark. These sightings can now be easily shared with the help of a mobile app which will sent the update not just to the person’s friends but to scientists as well.

Sharktivity is the latest mobile app that was developed in order for users to properly track sharks by marking the locations where they are spotted along the coast. Submission of the user’s own sighting is also possible with the app.

The app is not just any tracking app because there is a certain science followed in the tracking of the great whale shark. Sharktivity is an app developed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. This organization is based in Massachusetts and is a nonprofit organization that operates by protecting the existing white sharks which is also referred to as great whites. Another developer responsible in creating the app is Gregory Skomal who is a marine biologist and has experience in working at the Division of Marine Fisheries of the state for around 29 years.

Skomal, together with his team, will inspect every submission of sightings through the app. The app will also show the place where around 80 sharks that already tagged by researchers is located. As of the meantime, the app is only available for all users of iPhone devices.

According to the president of the conservancy, Cynthia Wigren, majority of the people that are visiting the beach have smartphones with them and with the app the information will be transmitted faster. She also added that the app will not only benefit the people going to the beach but boaters and fishermen as well and pilots that are travelling the East Coast.

On a statement released by the chief ranger of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Leslie Reynolds, before the development of this app, the lifeguards and the emergency responders will only receive information of any shark sighting after it has happened. The advantage of mobile app development in Singapore and in any parts of the world is that everything happens in real time.