Melbourne Fast Becoming Asian Pre-Wedding Photography Destination

Almost everyday, a bride and groom will fly in to Melbourne usually from China, often times from Hong Kong and sometimes from Indonesia or Malaysia. She will be in her second wedding gown, and they will spend the day for pre-wedding photos.

Andrew Noble is just one of the many operators in this serious money-making industry that most people have not heard of: Chinese pre-wedding photography.

Pre-wedding photography in Australia

The rich couples – they are mostly all rich – go to Australia for photos taken in front of some of the city’s landmarks. The most famous locations include the Parliament House, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Carlton Gardens and Flinders Street Railway Station.

The costs usually start at 1200 US dollars with the packages going up to 5000 US dollars plus travel.

Many of Noble’s clients will jet in to Australia for a holiday and will spend part of the time getting some photos shot. However, there are also plenty who just fly in to get some photos shot. They land at Tullamarine, stay one night and then fly back home.

The multi-billion dollar industry of pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding photography is uncommon for Australians compared to Asians. In China, pre-wedding photography is a multi-billion dollar industry. The photos are showcased during the couple’s wedding or their reception often times in a gallery.

Wedding shots are mostly done on the wedding day in Australia. In China, a wedding day is usually crowded with a feast, reception, party or traditional games where a couple could not step away for posed photos. This is why they do pre-wedding photos.

Australia as a destination for pre-weddings and weddings

The old tradition is finding itself a new role – a status symbol – and where Australia comes in to play. Most couples with average means do pre-wedding photos in their home towns. Wealth allows the bride and groom to go to exotic locations with Paris and London being the popular choices. Now, Australia is becoming a top choice for couples looking to get photos where no other couple has.

Australia is not only a destination for pre-wedding photos, it also offers great locations for weddings. There are numerous party, caterer, table or Chair for Hire in Melbourne that help with wedding events.