Make The Bathroom Ultra-Luxurious With High Tech Upgrades

Americans certainly love luxury and technology and it is not surprising to renovate each part of the house using technology to create a luxurious atmosphere. In the 2016 Houzz Bathrooms Trends study, it was revealed that homeowners are incorporating technology when remodeling their bathrooms.

Different technological devices from smart mirrors and medicine cabinets to showerheads with Bluetooth connectivity and self-cleaning toilets can be found in American bathrooms. If you are going to remodel your bathroom in the near future, don’t forget to incorporate a smart medicine cabinet.

Modern medicine cabinets do not only serve as a repository for medicines, they can multi-task through hidden speakers, high efficiency task lighting with capacitive touch dimming and integrated USB charging ports. When the invisible speakers are turned on, the cabinet’s mirror can turn into an audio system that is compatible with most modern USB- enabled music playing devices.

In the past, touch-less faucets were extremely awesome but today’s modern faucets include built-in face recognition that tells the faucet to adjust water temperature and pressure based on the recognized user. A special mechanism in the faucets allows patterned and shaped sprays of water as they are discharged. Aside from creating swirls, the faucet also has the ability to track water consumption while adjusting flow and temperature to ensure energy efficiency.

According to the survey made by Houzz, 70% of homeowners have chosen to upgrade their toilets during bathroom renovations. Today’s extremely efficient models can flush amazingly small amounts of water for self cleaning the toilet. The lids and seats are motion-activated with remote controls for closing and opening. There is nighttime illumination with built-in music players, dryers and deodorizers.

A bathroom mirror ensemble can communicate effectively with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device to allow music streaming inside the bathroom. You can also be updated with the latest news when the mirror’s speakers are turned on wirelessly.

So far, technology has not yet impacted double basin vanity units. While high tech features can be very efficient, you can add usability and enjoyment to the bathroom through expertly crafted vanity units that comes with basins in varying sizes and shapes in different color combinations.