Looking To Open A Restaurant? Get To Know These Restaurant Types First

Starting a restaurant business would require patience, dedication, hard work and long hours of unpaid work. Because of these, people are often discouraged to start their own restaurant businesses but what they don’t know is that restaurants are probably the safest choice of business they can enter. Not only will they be surrounded by food, they’re also opening themselves to various opportunities. But if you do plan to enter the restaurant business, then it is important that you know what type of restaurant you want to open.

Here is an overview of the different types of restaurants that you can open.

  • Fast Food Restaurant. Fast food restaurants are definitely the most popular type of restaurants. Have you ever heard about McDonald’s? What about KFC? Well, they’re all well-known fast food chains, the same with Burger King. In the 1950s, fast food chains became a hit with the public and up till today, people still love to visit them. If you are thinking about franchising, remember that it is more expensive than if you open an independent restaurant.
  • Fast Casual Dining. This is a more upscale version of fast food restaurants. Dishes and flatware are often disposable but the food is presented in an upscale way.
  • The difference between regular restaurants and cafes is that in cafes, you would have to order your food from the counter and would then have to serve yourself. Coffee, espresso and pastries are often the items sold in cafes. This type of restaurant provides a casual and unhurried atmosphere.
  • Pubs originate in Europe, particularly Great Britain, dating back to God knows when. They are very popular and often serving beer and other liquor. They may also offer full menus and appetizers.
  • Family/Casual Style Dining. This type of restaurant offers moderately priced meals perfect for the family and groups. In the US, casual style dining is considered as one of the largest markets. They can come in any number of themes, from the best Indian restaurants Perth or Asian, Italian and French.
  • Fine Dining. Fine dining restaurants are more upscale, offering not only mouthwatering meals but elegance and quality service too. Food here is fairly expensive and the chefs are often trained professionals.