Launching Of A New Motorcycle Model Called Light Rider

The light rider motorcycle is meant to be used by people who wanted to ride but if you desire to carry it then you can do so! This is because the motorbike resembles a skeleton and only weighs about 77 pounds. In order to have a better idea of how light it is, let us take into consideration the BMW GS weighing about 550 pounds. A Harley Davidson Fatboy, on the other hand, weighs around 725 pounds.

The Light Rider’s design is different from the way typical motorcycles are designed. According to Stefanus Stahl who is one of the designer at APWorks, the company that is a subsidiary of the German Airbus and is responsible in designing the Light Rider, the design was focused on their aim to create a motorcycle that resembles a bike when it comes to noise and weight but resembles a motorbike’s speed as well as stability. The Light Rider was able to achieve the balance because it was made using 3D printing and the frame is made of aluminum-alloy materials. The end result is that the motorbike looks like it is made of metallic bones in a webbed structure. If you look very closely then you will be able to see the mechanics inside the bike in between the frame. This is much like seeing human organs beyond the ribcage.

The funky form of Light Rider was achieved because of the latest technique referred to as generative design. This is currently an emerging field that involves architecture as well as product design. The typical job of designing something is used to be tasked upon the designers until the prototype is made by the designer himself but with the generative design, the prototyping is done with the help of a computer algorithm. According to Jordan Brandt who works at Autodesk and is one of the pioneers in generative design, generative design modifies the design for you in order to overcome the problems and reach the desired goals. If you think motorcycle parts are expensive then you should know that this beauty costs $56,500.