Las Vegas Ready For Spring After Expo

Despite the chilly weather that engulfed Las Vegas, residents are still excited to attend the Home Improvement and Landscape Expo which was held at Cashman Center. They were able to see hot tubs as well as landscapers.

Joyce Barr, a 64 years old resident of Las Vegas, said that the expo is a good way for people to shop for more options without having to be confined in a single store. She ended up buying a hot tub.

There are many vendors present during the expo and among them is Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada. Their members were busy answering queries from interested backyard growers. One of them is Arlene Ralbovsky, a master gardener, who has been living in Las Vegas since 1970.

She shared that it is essential to have the right soil as well as the proper irrigation when gardening. What you have to do will depend mostly on the type of plants you are trying to grow such as the amount of water it will need or how often it should be watered.

Ralbovsky used to live in New Jersey but he moved to Nevada over 45 years has passed. With his previous premise, he was able to learn a few things about how to live in the desert. She admitted that she was able to learn mainly because of his previous situation.

She recalled that in the 70s, they were busy planting grass and fruit bearing trees. It is quite different now because he prefers to grow plants that are tolerant to drought and mostly these plants require very little water because he knows full well the value of conserving water.

During the expo, water was one of the main topics of almost every conversation. This was also talked about by the owner of Picture This Landscapes, Doug Galea.

Galea said that he often joked about the topic of water but he is serious when it comes to telling people who have moved in Las Vegas about the fact that they are not in Kansas thus they have no idea how expensive water is in the area. Most of them have no idea about the drought, about the water limitations as well as the bad state of the soil. This is why many residents who can afford a landscaper are hiring one such as BuckGardens.