Lars Larsen Watches In China – A Step Forward

A nation cannot stand really just on its own. It needs to collaborate and be open to other nations and build relationships. Building relationships between countries take time, effort, and agreements between involved governments and different institutions depending on the kind of agreement that is being done. The most common ground between nations even during ancient times is in business and trading. Trading has been an important factor in a nation’s growth and success. Relationships are developed or broken via these business ways, thus countries tend to ensure that they keep being in good standing of partner countries and alliances. This is the case that Denmark and China have come to start actions on, where Lars Larsen Watches has taken part in its celebration to start the process.

Last March 12, 2017, representatives from different Danish businesses and the Danish government attended a VIP function in China. This was done in Alibaba’s headquarters in China just outside Hangzhou and is a joint venture between event between China and Denmark to celebrate and share Danish tourism and Danish companies and the products that they provide. Denmark was represented by Mr. Anders Samuelsen, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs. This is Mr. Samuelsen’s first official visit to this country and this is to help promote and celebrate Danish tourism and the Danish companies and products that were selected to represent Denmark.

It is with pride for Lars Larsen Watches to announce that it was included to be one of the 30 companies chosen exclusively to represent and be part of the celebration in China. This is together with other brands such as Ecco, Pandora, Carlsberg, Arla. Representatives from the watch company are its CEO and Lars Larsen Watches Board of Directors Chairman, Dan Corfitzen and Flemming Østergaard, respectively. Also, it is with great pleasure that Lars Larsen Watches and Chinese company Hunan Estar has come into an agreement of cooperation to open the Chinese market to the watches.

A start of a new beginning for the Danish and Chinese markets for the betterment of both nations. It is also a step forward for growth and success for Lars Larsen Watches.