Lakes Worth Visiting Once In Your Life

You might have seen the beauty of the Lake Erie in images but it is nothing compared to seeing the whole thing in person. All you have to do is find a good Lake Erie illustrated map to find your way to this beauty or you could explore four other great lakes within North America. The good news is that these lakes are located close to the biggest cities in the country including Detroit, Chicago and Toronto. There are also surfing beaches, islands with no automotive vehicles, fishing ports, highways and historic lighthouses near these lakes.

Nature’s beauty can be well appreciated especially if you are visiting the lakes of Michigan and Superior. There are rugged cliffs, towering dunes as well as rocky peninsulas to feast your eyes with. Near these are national parks surrounded by the forest though they are not as popular as Yosemite or the Yellowstone but ranks higher when it comes to tranquility. This is where one can see natural habitats for various wild animals such as white-tailed deer, black bear and moose.

Five of the best lakes within the United States are Superior, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Huron. These are lakes that are scattered in eight different states including Ohio, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana and Wisconsin while one is in Ontario, Canada. For people who want to experience the lake but be close to galleries and museums, it is recommended to travel within the cities. Individuals wishing to see more varieties of flora and fauna should head over to Minnesota because it holds over 1,400 well-preserved wildlife locations. Watersports, on the other hand, can be experienced when one visits the southern west part of Ontario while bike trails spanning 1,300 miles can be found in Michigan.

Lake Erie is known to be the shallowest of all the Great Lakes and it is located in an industrialized zone with high number of population. One can find it by using Lake Erie illustrated map wherein travelers could see iconic landmarks such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland is used to be called Mistake on the Lake because of its huge port. Nowadays, it is famous for its retail scene as well as hipster food.