Is Your Website Already Mobile Ready?

It is now the Internet age and if you want you and your website to keep up with the rapid changes in the internet, you must integrate a mobile web design Perth into your website. With the world now mostly turning to mobile devices to access the internet, it has now become important to have a mobile ready website. This means that you would need to incorporate mobile elements into your website’s design for it to be easily accessible from mobile devices.

Now why should your website be mobile friendly? First of all 52 percent of Americans own a smartphone and if you would think about it, that’s about 165 million people with internet-ready mobile devices in their pockets. Additionally, there is 60 percent conversion rate for sites that are mobile ready in contrast to the 23 percent of sites that aren’t. You should also know that only 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 94 percent of small-time businesses have mobile ready websites. This means, that you can still get ahead in the business game.

If you are wondering what makes a mobile friendly site, then you should first know that these sites’ layouts and design will be able to fit a smaller screen with enough space for navigation for easy pressing of buttons or icons. A mobile friendly site will also have action buttons that are easily locatable and when transactions are involved, there will only be a minimal number of steps.

The images would also have to go in accordance with the site so that it does not affect the loading speed of the website.

It should specifically be made available for touch-screens, allowing the user to swipe, tap and scroll through the website with ease.

To have a mobile friendly site, you can either create a separate website that is specifically meant for a mobile audience or you can integrate responsive design into your website. Responsive design will allow your website to respond to the form of device that it is being accessed from, shifting and making adjustments so that it becomes compatible with the said device.